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November 8, 2020

PROMPT: YOU in threes

  • 1. Three quirks or idiosyncrasies. 
  • I bite all of my nails, even the ones on my toes. 
  • I bounce my right leg up and down non stop. 
  • I bite the skin off the inside of my mouth.
2. Three communities to which you belong.
  • ​The LGBT community 
  • The Kakegurui Amino community 
  • The BTS fandom and community 
3. Three adjectives your peers would use to describe you. 
  • Weird
  • Kind 
  • Rebellious 
4. Three adjectives your family would use.
  • Stubborn 
  • Argumentative 
  • Compassionate
5. Three adjectives you would use. 
  • Strange 
  • Egotistical 
  • Rebellious
6. Three things about you very few people know. 
  • I’m not as confident as I pretend to be 
  • I’m very lonely 
  • I hate the path I’m taking at the moment 
7. Three beliefs you hold. 
  • Saying you’re better than God is extremely bad luck
  • Mental Health is as important as physical health 
  • Wanting to die is not selfish but still very upsetting 
8. Three questions you have.
  • Am I meant to be something better? 
  • Will my mental health improve? 
  • Does my partner really love me?
9. Three qualities that make your life singular or unusual.
  • I have quite a good life but I’m still not happy
  • I actually like being on my period 
  • I can’t keep friends no matter how hard I try 
10. Three specific physical descriptions.
  • The spine in extremely visible and there is a bump in my back that is there even when I lean back 
  • I have a gap in the front of my teeth and I love it 
  • I have huge double eyelids but the actual eye is quite small
11. Three flaws.
  • My chin
  • My abysmal mental health 
  • My trouble with authority 
12. Three favourites. 
  • ​My figure 
  • My physical health 
  • My wonderful partner 
13. Three pet peeves.
  • Slow walkers 
  • People who say they want to die in a joking mannerism 
  • People who only speak in slang. As well as people who type like this: Yo. How r u? Wyd? Gud thx. 
14. Three instincts that serve you well.
  • If it’s too good to be true it’s indeed too good to be true
  • If they fool you more than three times you are the fool and they should be cut off
  • If it smells bad, chances are, it tastes bad 
15. Three sources of comfort. 
  • My partner 
  • My mama 
  • Music 

Thank you for reading!! :))



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  • anemoia by a thread

    wow. the honesty in this is breathtaking. so glad you're here!
    Welcome to WtW! It's an amazing community of writers and support. (Ok, I did my advertising. But really, it is. I've been here about a month, and it feels like a second home. No matter where you're at, there's someone who will understand, support, and pick you up when you need it.)
    the slow walkers thing... yes! ugggh it's annoying.

    6 months ago