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What a Mistake

November 16, 2020

Walking through the streets of frozen people is actually quite calming, sometimes lonely, (which is why I'm glad I can 'turn time back on') but there is nothing more terrifying than seeing a person moving while everyone else is frozen. A girl across the street, just going about her daily life through all the statues, weaving between them and laughing at her phone as she does so. I start to go across the road, between the cars to get to her but when she sees me she freezes, 
"Hey! I know you can move!"

She turns to me sheepishly with a wincing face, "How are you moving? I thought only I could do this?" 
"I don't know," she shrugs, "I've just always been able to go on with what I was doing while everyone stopped, sometimes I thought it was my imagination," she seems so scarily calm. 
"So you can't freeze it, just carry on?" A nod. 
"Wait, are you the one who stops it?" I nod. 

"I'm August," I extend my hand in a handshake and she takes it, "Addison."
"Do you have time- I mean, would you like to maybe go for coffee somewhere? It'd be nice to know you since we can have endless time tog- I mean like whenever I freeze everything," I stutter, making her giggle and myself blush. 
"I guess so, it wouldn't hurt to know about you too- we do have all the time in the world after all," a cheeky smile that almost makes my heart melt. 'C'mon August, you haven't even known her for a second; get a grip' trying to slap myself out of it. 

Once I start time again and we're sat down with a cup of coffee each and a slice of cake (Addison's request), it all stops again and we begin on the basics, such as: favourite colour, favourite food, occupation and any pets? But then the conversation turns to more relevant things, "So, have you never wondered why you can stop time?" eyes filled with curiosity. 
"I used to ask my parents about it as a child but they tried to have me diagnosed for learning disabilities after that, so no, not really," I shrug with a little smile, a sad one- but not noticeably. 
"Don't you think you should know why you can do it? Or even why it doesn't affect me like the rest of the world?" 
"I've just always taken it for granted, anyways its not like we have any clues to follow to the answer."
"Maybe there are, what time were you born?" She asks me so seriously that it's startling really, makes me stumble for an answer for a moment. 
"I think I remember my mum saying it was 11.27pm-ish, maybe. Probably. Why?"
"Could be a special number, y'know? I've always been interested in the faerie world, like a magnet," there's some kind of familiarity of what she says, younger August used to tell people what mystic creatures really looked like. 
"Maybe we should find out in the library? I used to talk about myths and describe what they look like, not like everyone else thought- that's for sure!" 

With agreement and finishing of coffee, we head to the library the following week (with a lot of chatter between) to find anything about Fae or the Faerie world. Eventually, I find something: a book of Fae prophesies. 
'Those born on the eleventh hour of the Fae moon on the twenty-seventh minute are granted with the ability to cross the Fae border and converse among the Fae. The people and creatures of the Faerie world must keep watch of the Phaerie- the prophet. 
If another prophet happens to be born within four years, they will be unaffected of the Phaerie abilities and will be allowed to travel to the Faerie world with the Phaerie.'
'It is not recommended for the Phaerie for cross the realms, for there is greater dangers for a mere human on the Fae plane and evil will strive to take the Phaerie abilities and travel to the Human planes, with intent of evil.' 
'The Phaerie's job is to protect the Human plane as the Fae protect the Phaerie.'

"Addison, I found something!" 
Handing the book to her, I go to sit down, trying to take in the information. 
"Oh my god! We're prophets!" 
"Yeah, I read that bit. Have you read the rest?" I sigh deeply as she goes on reading with a small frown on her face. 
"So, you're a guardian?"
"That's so cool!"
"No it's not, I can't handle that responsibility! Have you seen me just trying not to spill coffee? I can't protect a whole realm." 
"Watching you drink coffee is very entertaining, but you can't really help this- you're just gonna have to suck it up and deal with it, maybe we should try find out how you travel the realms so we can find out if they can switch the 'Phaerie' abilities to-" I cut her off as soon as I catch on to what she was suggesting, "I am not going to get rid of my abilities."
"Well then, lets protect the Human plane," she talks in a low voice, to imitate one of a fancy narrator, and giggles cutely. 

We both decide that we should go to the Faerie plane to ask the Fae how to use the abilities and it takes a lot of practice (apparently) to get there, especially since the book didn't give a very helpful guide.
"August, all you have to do is picture the plane, how are you having so much trouble?"
"I don't know what the plane even looks like Addi, I'd like to see you try to travel through dimensions." 
She laughs at my response and asks if I read further than the instructional page, "No? Why would I need to?"
"There's a picture of the plane on the next page, 'for first time travellers'. You silly goose." 
I was so focused on getting there that I forgot to read on.

"Okay, last attempt and then we're going to bed," I state, grabbing Addison's hand and closing my eyes. I imagine the plane and being moved to the plane, specifically the area in the illustrations next to the instructional pages of the book. Next thing I know, I'm not in the library anymore and Addison isn't next to me anymore. "Addison?" I open my eyes to the image in the book, except I was in it. The emerald green grass of a meadow flowing in the mountain winds, from the pink range in the distance and the crimson woods behind me, the clouds are a lovely fluffy white and the sky is filled with light and what I think are birds- until they come closer. 

The 'birds' seem to morph into small people with long hair and shadows of wings but none to be seen as they get closer and I forget about Addison for a moment.

I feel like I belong for a minute, but then the reality of it hits me- I'm stuck in the Faerie Plane, because I didn't even read ahead enough to figure out how to get back home.

What a mistake. 


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  • FantasyOtter12

    I agree with Moonsinger, also welcome to WtW!!

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  • Moonsinger

    I love the concept here! This is a really fun read, great work! :D

    7 months ago