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Why I Write - Key to My World

November 8, 2020

PROMPT: Why I Write


I write as only I will know the my meaning of the words I have written.  

It feels safe to know I only have consent to see past the words on my page. 

I can say the things I want, I can be the person I want.

I don't have to pretend that I'm like the other kids. In fact, I can be my true self.

I see my finished work, it makes me smile. 

The bubbly feeling that propels through me is how I find the need to keep going. 

Writing helps me in a way no person can.

Everyone has to face their own battles. 

The hardest thing is admitting something to my own self. 

Saying it aloud, it makes it too real. 

But when I just write the words down, it flows out a little easier. 

The pain falls a little easier and writing about it makes it seem more like its just a dream. 

Maybe we can't all voice the way we really feel for it is just too hard.

But writing is my way of sifting through the maze of dysfunction. 

It's how I found myself. 

Writing was the key to my world.


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  • Abrianna

    "I can say the things I want, I can be the person I want." Good line!

    2 months ago
  • Lata.B

    Aw yes writing is the best thing ever!

    2 months ago