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This version is my final draft, after many revisions!
I must thank everyone who has reviewed this piece and given me advice, you were all very important for my novel excerpt to come this far! I appreciate you all for taking the time to help me, and I enjoyed reading other writers' entries!
I also really liked this novel idea(more was written beyond this excerpt, but due to the word limit I had to keep it out), and I plan to keep to writing a complete novel for this story, as I've already created many characters who I didn't include in the excerpt! I may publish other chapters here too.
Best wishes,
Huba huba :)


November 16, 2020

"An angel slumps her shoulders, wanes her head over, and breaks down. Her composure is no longer there, her waving, golden hair is thrown over her face that leaks burning tears that the glass of her eyes could no longer hold. The sadness, the emotion of the picture I'm seeing through my eyes.. is perfection." thought K209. "Why do the ones we were meant to replicate try so hard to achieve their twisted views of perfection? I'd die of boredom if I were like that-- if I could die." 

E785 flips her hair back behind her face and wipes those flaming tears from her eyes, going back to her so called, 'normal' self, and her radiance turns off as if someone unplugged the chord. It's truly too bad that Dr. Xyzagerium had to throw her away due to her paralyzed legs. Surprisingly, K209 wasn't thrown away for his hazardous thoughts, but the missing left humorous and missing ribs. 

"K209, please don't do this," she pleads, tugging on his tunic. "I know that you are not a murderer, you're my lifelong companion."

"Why not, my love?" K209 smirks. "The world looks more beautiful ignited with fire, without this rubbish of concrete streets and brick buildings." 

He turns to see a dark world. Smoke oozed out of pipes extended from cracked up buildings, and it reminds the male clone of the memories forcibly jammed into his brain by Dr. Xyzagerium. He recalls the painful pretending of ambition as K209, seeing himself as Louis Xyzagerium, who competed with his brother for the ownership of the lab. No more clearly can he replay the scene in his head when his brother ran right off the balcony of the tallest floor in the lab, how free his brother looked the moment his shoe left the handle, as if he was going to soar away like a Stellar's Jay. 

Meanwhile, E785 sees life flowing through the land, from the young sprouts of green grass to the mighty Honey Locusts with their dainty, draping leaves. She sees herself as Abby Xyzagerium, sitting on a picnic blanket with her loving mother and best friend, Zach. The aroma of her mother's beef sandwiches flow around the three, and they laugh about Zach's science pun, Avogadro toast, right before their worlds ended abruptly. 

"The world looks less beautiful with burnt corpses and ruined cities," E785 refutes. "Death will not fix anything, and the humans are innocent." 

"The process of the destruction is beautiful, and do not question my opinion, for beauty is subjective."

E785 straightens. "The mysterious bombing of 2438 is what killed Dr. Xyzagerium's family, which drove him to his obsessive clone making. Pain comes with more pain, you want to repeat history?" 

K209 chuckles and narrows his eyes, his intense gaze causing even E785 to shudder. "Humans will endlessly cause adversity due to their greedy ways of thinking, and by blowing up cities, I'm doing the job of a janitor." 

E785 had no more to say. If her words alone could no longer persuade him, then there is nothing to be done, as her paralyzed legs would do her no good. 

"Justice for all the clones, and other forms of life disturbed by human beings, love," K209 exclaims as he raises his right fist, runs his icy fingers along the bomb, and slams his fist down on the explosive weapon to begin the five minute countdown. 

"E785 my dear, the fun begins." 

K209 throws the female clone over his right shoulder as he jumps off the roof of the building to a lower one, and the night air finally hits his face and E785's, well, rear end. 

Like a child who is finally permitted to play outside after weeks of grounding, K209 runs through the wind with laughter, not as if he were running for the sake of his life and E785's.

But K209 would never harm the ones he deems innocent. He is willing to brutally end the lives of thousands of humans, but would never end E785's life. He has not yet presented her with happiness, nor has he gotten revenge on Dr. Xyzagerium. To him, E785 is the purest gem in the world, as she is rich with strength, to remain merciful after all the pain she experienced with him during Dr. Xyzagerium's clone making and experimenting. Although K209 is confident in his physical abilities, he thought of himself as a coward for submitting to his own hate. 

"Isn't this so much more romantic than our coffee dates?" K209 asks while laughing continuously, running as if he didn't have E785 on his back, as he hops off a two story building effortlessly. 

"I suppose this is a thrilling date, with a life and death situation going on," E785 monotonously replies. 

"What happened to the crying and begging me on your knees?" K209 jests. 

"Crying and begging cannot prevent the deaths of thousands." 

"You know me too well. Also, we're nearing the border of the city with 30 seconds left, so it turns out we're going to survive!" 

K209 finds his feet off the brick and concrete paths, in murky, grayish mud. He then places E785 in the mud and sits down next to her, ready to enjoy the view. 





K209 and E785 cover each other's ears as the night sky turns bright orange, more vibrantly than any fireworks that they've ever seen, in real life and their inputted memories. From distances beyond the explosion may look small, but K209 chose the perfect spot to see its details. Every little spectacle of flame could be seen, and K209 is overjoyed to be seeing such a beautiful view with his beloved E785.

The world goes silent for a short while, as puffs of gas emit and flow into the sky and the orange colors dim. Before they knew it, the night became darker than before. 

K209 opens his mouth to speak...

and E785 pulls his face in for a kiss. 

Word count: 997

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  • don't you see the starlight (#TS)

    Re: Haha, nothing wrong with high taste bud standards! Ok, foods: I love Italian. Pasta, bread, garlic, butter, tomato, herbs, decadent sauces, and did I mention pasta? Oh, and the soups and salads and meats. YES on pesto! I actually have a homemade pesto recipe, but with cashews (or walnuts) instead of pine nuts, because they’re crazy expensive. Cashews, basil, garlic, parmesan, olive oil, I believe. Adapted from a paleo recipe from Mel Joulwan. (No, I’m not paleo, but we have a couple cookbooks and I like the idea of it, even if there are no grains or dairy allowed.)
    But if I had to pick one cuisine to eat, it would probably be Mexican/Latin American. So much variety and delicious dishes. Hm… maybe Japanese food seems healthy to you because the Japanese live so long? Idk. Japan fascinates and amazes me. I think about how fast they caught up with the Western world. I mean, they were a closed empire until the mid 1800s, then the Meiji Restoration (even tho I;m not really sure what happened at the time, I’d love to learn about it) and now they’re one of the most technologically advanced, iconic countries. Sorry, history spiel.
    Ooh, LOTR and the Hobbit. I confess that I’m not a huge fan—not because I don’t think they’re brilliant and clever and epic and wonderfully written and expansive and detailed and elaborate—but I just never became a dedicated fangirl. I like them, of course, but I couldn’t tell you every first line for the characters and chapter titles. Which, yes, I can do for some of Percy Jackson, KOTLC, and HP. Not all of them, but some. Confession: I like the Hobbit better than LOTR (in terms of books.) Confession: I’ve never read the LOTR on paper. I’ve listened to the audiobooks at least three times all the way through (the one with all the different voices and background sounds like horses and battle sounds) but I tried to read the actual book and the preface/intro/prologue/foreword or whatever threw me off with all the history. Final confession: I haven’t seen the Hobbit movies. They confuse me. Like, why are there so many? Maybe you could clear that up…
    For HP, I could fangirl all day, but we don’t have to go there XD Ah, Land of Stories! It’s been WAY too long since I read those, but I do love fairytale retellings. Which brings me to School for Good and Evil. I haven’t read the latest book, One True King, yet, but books 4-5 were a whole new thing. (THE THING WITH REAPER?! WHAT?!) Such a twisty, complex, well-done, morally ambiguous story. Oh, and Magyk! Gosh, I need to reread those. Delightful and slightly whimsical, if I recall. As for Inkheart… I can confidently say that those are the best books about books I’ve ever read. Enchanting, spellbinding, dark, rich, and absolutely clever and well-thought out. There’s another series, completely different, that gives me a similar vibe. The Caraval series by Stephanie Garber. They’re almost… seductive. I know that sounds really weird, but they just have this rich, dark allure in every word. (And the romances can be somewhat seductive as well, but not too explicit.) A little darker than my usual reads, but worth it. And I can’t be mad at anyone for Twilight. It was a phenomenon! I mean to read it someday, so I can see what the hype was, about 8-10 years late. XD
    I’ve heard of the Secret Life of Bees, but I’ve not read it. I’ve never heard of the other two, but I’ll have to look into them! Another impactful, poignant book I just remembered was “Speechless” by Adam P. Schmitt. Extraordinary. I also mean to read Anthony Doerr’s other books and Jonathan Safran Foer’s first book, as well as Julie Berry’s other books and Ruta Septys’ works.
    I’ve not read much manga, except for adaptations of novels. But I do admire the art itself and how iconic it’s become.
    I’ve been trying to get into classics also! I finally read P+P, and I’m so glad I did. I’, sort of an old soul anyway. I’m reading Jane Eyre rn (among like 5 other books tho) as well as The Picture of Dorian Gray, which is beautifully written, comprehensible, but quite dangerous in its ideas. Jane Eyre, I admit, is a little difficult, because I actually have to concentrate on reading, so I’ve probably skipped some stuff, like the barbed and awkward conversations between Jane and Rochester. I also want to finally finish Little Women! Right now I’m reading Anne of Green Gables, book 4, and I ADORE ANNE. I also mean to read Emily of New Moon. Let’s see… for school, I’ve read The Outsiders, (AH, the movie!) The Giver, To Kill a Mockingbird, Lord of the Flies, Of Mice and Men, Fahrenheit 451, Romeo and Juliet, the Odyssey, All Quiet on the Western Front, Antigone, and soon, Night. As far as classics go, I enjoyed them all. I also liked the Great Gatsby… it was actually really good! Part of me feels like I need to read classics just to say I’ve read them, to have that literary cred. And I don’t mind reading them or analyzing. Oh, and Anna Karenina. There were a few iconic lines and scenes, and it was a great exploration of life and love and society and all that, and I liked Levin, but… I really didn’t want to know that much about the politics of Russian farming.
    Favorite condiment… haha, mayo can totally be an instrument. No idea how, but why not? Mine is probably chipotle mayo. Or does guacamole count? (I LOVE AVOCADOS)
    Sorry this is both late and long. Any books you’ve read for school that were surprisingly good? Wait, do you got to school or are you homeschooled? Or did you once attend real school and are now sort of homeschooled due to distance learning?
    Also, musician? What instrument(s)?

    10 months ago
  • JustAnotherDarling

    this is amazing! i love the little extra backstory on both clones and how they each see life - that especially was beautiful! :)

    10 months ago
  • don't you see the starlight (#TS)

    Re: Thank you! You too!
    Baking is a ton of fun and it's sorta therapeutic. and delicious, of course. i think sometimes cooking can be like that, but i don't mind working hard if it turns out well. especially since we usually have leftovers, so then i get to have it again.
    i haven't created any recipes, but i do tweak them quite a bit. i suppose you could say that's creating a recipe. like with scones, i just add whatever i have that suits my fancy (oh i just like the sound of that) or when i don't have all the ingredients for dinner, i just improvise. i have to admit that banana chocolate raisin sounds sort of awful to me, mostly because of raisins. i've come to like bananas recently, but all of those together... nope.
    ooooh crepes. we don't have that store you mentioned (i live in a relatively smallish, sort of ruralish area—it's kind of in between) but i looked it up and it's relatively not far away. but i did make crepes once for a breakfast for dinner with a scramble too, and they turned out pretty good. i can't imagine how much better a professional crepe would be if my first attempt ones were decent. i really want to like tea, so i can have a hot drink that's not sugary (but sooo good like hot cocoa) or caffeinated (like coffee, even tho we mostly drink decaf and have decaf in the house—i know, my family is insane) but i want to get into tea sometime. someday.
    of course i love reading! right now, i'm reading the anne of green gables series. i also just read the time traveler's wife by audrey niffenegger. confusing, but enthralling. i simply ADORE anne and her idealism and romanticism and her way of seeing the world, because it's similar to mine. i also CANNOT WAIT for book 8.5 of keeper of the lost cities, which comes out tomorrow. but... barnes and noble emailed saying it won't arrive until FRIDAY. HOW CAN I EVEN?! But yeah. I'm also starting the nonfiction book The Genesis Record. It's pretty hefty, but very interesting. And I recently reread lots of series (all of Rick Riordan's books, the Chronicles of Narnia, Charlie Bone series, Keeper of the Lost Cities, etc.)
    My favorite standalone, poignant, impactful books: All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer, Lovely War by Julie Berry, Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens, and... Hope and Other Punch Lines by Julie Buxbaum. A phenomenal book. The only book where I have laughed while crying real tears.
    My top 3 fandoms: Harry Potter, Keeper of the Lost Cities, Riordanverse
    Other series I love/like/will talk about: Anne of Green Gables, Land of Stories, Wings of Fire, Narnia, LOTR, Inkheart, School for Good and Evil, Waterfire Saga, Finishing School, Hunger Games, Matched, The Selection (!), Divergent, Septimus Heap series, Royal Diaries, Maximum Ride (!), Children of the Red King, Wrinkle in Time, Warriors, and prob more that I'm forgetting.
    That was WAY more than you bargained for, whoops. So... your favorite books, series fandoms, authors, recent reads, genres. etc? I really would like to know! ;)

    10 months ago
  • Pavithra C.P

    OMG Lovee this!! <3 <3
    Re: Thank you for those kind words <3 :))

    10 months ago
  • Coeur

    Reply: Yeah!! It is. Yours looks great too!! Good luck to you also! I'm thinking of continuing this one on here. I've got more of it in drafts for NaNoWrimo, but I'm thinking about editing some more of it and posting it. Might be fun. Did you say you wanted to do that with yours? I hope so! It'd be fun to see the story continue.

    10 months ago