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Message to Readers

I'm pretty much done with expanding the story and all, so I'd like some suggestions with word choice, what to do to make things stronger, and I'm focusing on revising now.
AND I AM 92 WORDS OVER THE LIMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have exactly no idea what to cut down, PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!
Now that I've complicated the story line so much, I don't know what to cut out of it anymore, because everything matters!
And thank you for all the people who've reviewed my piece so far, I love you all :)


November 12, 2020

"An angel slumps her shoulders, wanes her head over, and begins to break down. Her composure is no longer there, her waving, golden hair is thrown over her face that leaks burning tears that the glass of her eyes could no longer hold. Unlike the moon who steals light from the sun, she radiates through her beauty. Her white dress flows along and dances with the wind of the night, so pure, so strong. The sadness, the emotion of the picture I'm seeing through my eyes.. is perfection." thought K209. "Why do the ones we were meant to replicate try so hard to achieve their twisted views of perfection? I'd die of boredom if I were like that-- if I could die." 

E785 flips her hair back behind her face and wipes those beautiful, flaming tears from her eyes, going back to her so called, 'normal' self, and the light turns off as if someone unplugged the chord. It's truly too bad that Dr. Xyzagerium had to throw her away due to her inability to use her legs. What's even worse is Dr. Xyzagerium didn't even bother destroying K209, as he didn't notice K209's hazardous thoughts, but only threw the clone away for the missing left humerus and missing ribs. 

"K209, please don't do this," she pleads him, tugging harder on his tunic. 

"Why not?" K209 smirks. "The world looks more beautiful ignited with fire, without this rubbish of concrete streets and brick buildings." 

He turns around to see a dark world, rectangles and squares patched up together with artificial light emitting from the cracks, and where there wasn't quadrilaterals, were flat, murky grounds. Smoke oozed out of the pipes extended from the cracked up buildings, and it reminds the male clone of the memories forcibly jammed into his brain. He recalls the painful pretending of ambition as he, seeing himself as Louis Xyzagerium who competed with his brother for the ownership of the lab. No more clearly can he replay the scene in his head when his brother ran right off the balcony of the tallest floor in the lab, how free his brother looked the moment his shoe left the tip of the handle, as if he could soar away like a Stellar's Jay. 

Meanwhile, E785 sees life flowing through the land, from the young sprouts of green grass to the mighty Honey Locusts with their dainty, draping leaves. She sees herself as Abby Xyzagerium, sitting on a picnic blanket with her loving mother and best friend, Zach, right before the loud noise that ended their lives. 

"The world looks less beautiful with burnt corpses and ruined cities," E785 refutes. "Death will not fix anything, nor will it affect Dr. Xyzagerium. The other humans have nothing to do with Dr. Xyzagerium's doings." 

"I believe that the process of the destruction is beautiful, and do not question my opinion, for beauty is so subjective," K209 hums along. 

E785 poises herself such that she seems to be kneeling a little more upright. "The mysterious bombing of 2438 is what killed Dr. Xyzagerium's family, which drove him to his obsessive clone making. Pain comes with more pain, do you want to repeat history?" 

K209 chuckles to himself, and then narrows his eyes, drilling an imaginary hole between E785's doe eyes. "Humans will endlessly cause themselves pain due to their greedy ways of thinking, and by blowing up cities, I'm doing the job of a janitor." 

E785 sits in front of K209 with no more words to utter. If her words alone could no longer persuade him, then there is nothing to be done, as her body would do her no good. 

"Justice for all the clones, and other forms of life disturbed by human beings," K209 exclaims as he raises his right fist, runs his icy fingers along the bomb, and slams his fist down on the explosive weapon to begin the five minute countdown. 

"E785 my dear, the fun begins." 

The female clone is thrown over K209's right shoulder as he jumps off the roof of the building to a lower one, and the night air finally hits his face and E785's, well, rear end. 

Like a child who is finally permitted to play outside after weeks of grounding, K209 runs through the wind with laughter, not as if he were running for the sake of his life and E785's.

But K209 would never harm the ones he deems innocent. He is willing to brutally end the lives of thousands of humans, but would never end E785's life. He has not yet presented her with happiness, nor has he gotten revenge on Dr. Xyzagerium. To him, E785 is the purest gems of the world, as she is rich with strength, to remain merciful after all the pain she experienced with him during Dr. Xyzagerium's clone making and experimenting. Although K209 is confident in his physical abilities, he thought of himself as a coward for submitting to his own hate. 

"isn't this so much more romantic than our coffee shop dates?" K209 asks while laughing continuously, running as if he didn't have E785 thrown over his shoulder, as he hops off a two story building effortlessly. 

"I suppose this is a thrilling date, with a life and death situation going on," E785 monotonously replies, having all hints of her sniffling vanish. 

"What happened to the crying and begging me on your knees?" K209 jests. 

"Crying and begging cannot prevent the deaths of thousands." 

"You know me too well. Also, we're nearing the border of the city with 30 seconds left, so it turns out we're going to survive!" 

K209 finds his feet off the brick and concrete paths, in murky, grayish mud. He then places E785 in the mud and sits down next to her, ready to enjoy the view. 





K209 and E785 cover each other's ears as orangeness fills up the night sky, more vibrantly than any fireworks that they've ever seen, in real life and their inputted memorie. From distances beyond the explosion may look small, but K209 chose the perfect spot to see its details. Every little spectacle of flame could be seen, and K209 is overjoyed to be seeing such a beautiful view with his beloved E785.

The world goes silent for a short while, as puffs of gas emit and flow into the sky and the orange colors dim. Before they knew it, the night became darker than before. 

K209 opens his mouth to speak...

and E785 pulls his face in for a kiss. 


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    Re: hey! How are you? Thanks for the comment! Haha I hear you! It’s hard to decide how to spend your free time if you don’t have much of it! XD

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    Re- Thank you so much!! Me too, I hope it turns out perfect!
    This I really good and I love every part AHHH Idk how to help you on cutting down the word limit but i will say that you might want to take away some sentences that are not nessaray for the story to keep moving along.

    10 months ago