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The Three Warriors

November 17, 2020

Slowly, through the security system; surrounded by people in suits and ties; they reached the spectating area. On a particular row were three seats that weighed three young and unique gentlemen. Strangely, they particularly stood out among the crowd, almost looking the same yet so different. The triplet who sat cross legged, with a black moustache taped on their neat faces, wore the same style of clothing, a fedora hat matched with their suit and shoes. He had light warm beige skin with a touch of olive undertone that whispered sand and sunshine, who wore the colour black. The next man in the middle had pale porcelain skin that gleamed like the stars and the moon glowing, who wore checked with the colour light brown. The male next to him had dark brown skin like the dreamy mellow brown light bathing the forest, who wore the colour grey. With many suspicious eyes drawn to them, the legislative hearing was about to start.

Quietly, a Congressman said to another Congressman, “It’s the Civil Rights Act of 1960.” The eye-catching men had come to see how this case is examined and its chances of passage by the Congress. However, they all share the same untold secret that they all can’t let anyone know about, including each other. Fortunately, the bill is passed onto the next stage but the particular three had a puzzled expression and unknowingly with synchronisation they commented, “This is not enough to eliminate the problems.” Shocked, surprised, stunned, they turned to look at each other and came into realisation of the similarity they had in clothing and their thoughts. Thump. The male spectator from behind them tripped a little as he was getting off his chair to exit with his stretched timid gaze glued to the terrifying three. Not only do they dress and sit the same way but they also think and say the same. Whilst they looked at each other suspiciously, they stopped glaring and shake hands proudly, approving of their ideas towards this unreliable hearing. With delight, they introduced themselves, the one in black says, “Collins”, as the one in checked stuttered, “Hac- Hank, Hank. ”- almost like he was double checking with himself, and the one in grey spoke, “Max.” Afterwards, they exited out individually.

Later that evening, in the crowded casino, the troubled three met again. Coincidentally, they all looked like robbers who were getting chased from behind, coming out from the three different doors. As they stopped rapidly, they screamed each other’s name when realising who they were. Suspiciously, Max wore a Magicians outfit whilst money was slipping down his black top hat, Hank wore a black flat cap with Browline glasses and Collins wearing a casino staff outfit with money hanging out from his jacket. Instantaneously, they ran towards the exit door as the grumps from behind almost reached up to them and BANG. The door was locked.

A sigh of relief... confused glances and laughter rose upon them as their moustaches peeled halfway off their hilarious faces. With their secret identities revealed, they reintroduced themselves. In fact, they were females. Among themselves, they figured that they were the main three wanted culprits who America has been trying to find. ‘Max’ was really ‘Ruxana Magic’ the Magician who tricked the money and expensive possessions of the politicians, ‘Collins’ was really ‘Arinya Con’ the Con Artist who stole money from the politicians and ‘Hank’ was really ‘Minerva Hack’ the Hacker who hacks into government data and sells the information to the press. Their actions became clear, they were only after one thing. Justice. Justice for all of humanity, in every way. The money each one of them gained was given to charities, to the poor and to women who are in need of money (especially when their money only belongs to their husbands). The beautiful Magician gently closed her eyes, a smile gracing her features, she politely questioned, “So who were we getting chased by? I was getting chased by the politicians at the casino.” The enthusiastic Con Artist replied, “Same.” The speedy hacker answered with stutters, “The security at the C-Congress. But somehow I managed to get chased all the way h-h-here.” The inspiring individuals departed and completed their daily missions dropping off the money secretly for the people in need.

A plan was decided. They were going to plan a protest. But first, there was something else they had to do.

Two weeks later, the interesting team made a cooperation and came back to the busy casino whilst Hack goes to the Congress one last time and did what they normally do with a different disguise this time. Cleverly constructed, the money and information were collected successfully. As going to plan, the money is to buy safety clothing for the women at the protest and the information gained is to track the government’s plans, which will help to determine the date of the protest. Invitations were sent to other women and communities (who haven’t received justice to attend the protest) by slipping notes including the date, location and time of the protest.

Eventually, the historical day of the protest came. A clear blue blanket covered the city, the bright sun watched the sunflowers below as they flooded the streets towards the giant White House. The women and communities who received unjust treatments were guided by the great Magician whilst the genius Hacker and the skilled Con Artist enters the White House as employees to secretly close all computers down, so that the government is aware of what is going on outside. As they were just about to go, they were caught by the security of the White House. But the excited smiles still filled their faces because finally people’s voices will be heard.

All three women: The Con Artist, The Magician and The Hacker were arrested, but they never regretted it. There can be gender equality, elimination of racism, less poverty, equal pay and human rights for all, because they tried.


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