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Ariell Wright

I`m 16, and have always had a knack for writing. I am hoping to sharpen my skills and come out with a new perspective of myself as a writer.

It`s Easy to Understand

May 1, 2015



It`s Easy to Understand


It`s easy to understand what someone is going through;


Listening to something bad that has happened to you.

You had no chance to even cry,

Only to look back and wave goodbye.

Driving all the way into the home of denial,

Then all the way into oppression.

Spending an eternity there;

Meeting happiness anywhere

You could.

Monthly meetings,

Eventually weekly.

Just wondering, Why would my happiness leave me?

You did get older,

And yes, your mind grew year by year.

Now you know, nothing`s worth your tears.

And on this day,

Yo should understand

That it`s okay

To cry, to feel alone;

That they might not come back,

But they also might not deserve you.

Thoughts of suicide come at any age

And it will always feel like it`s the worst

And when you find yourself bending metal clothes hangers to fit your neck;

And when you find yourself, at anytime, creating a way to hang yourself

from the ceiling fan, from a series of hangers all made by hand;


I want you to remember what it`s like to understand.




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