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Ariell Wright

I`m 16, and have always had a knack for writing. I am hoping to sharpen my skills and come out with a new perspective of myself as a writer.

Message to Readers

This is a very personal piece I`ve written about two years ago. There is a response from two years after titled "It`s easy to understand" written as well.

"It`s Hard to Explain"

April 29, 2015



It`s Hard to Explain

It`s hard to explain to someone who has no clue

Saying your mother and father have been stripped from you

You had no chance to say goodbye

Only to sit in the back of a CPS car and cry

Crying all the way into a foster home

Then all the way to grandma`s home

Spending a year there

Meeting your parents anywhere

You could

Monthly meetings

Then weekly

Just wondering, why would they leave me?

But I got older

My mind grew with the years

Now I know, nothings worth my tears

To this day

I still don`t understand

Why they

Would think it`s okay

To make a 5 year old believe they aren`t wanted

To make a 5 year old believe their mom and dad aren`t coming back

Thoughts of suicide come at any age

But the age of 5 has to be the worst

When you find yourself bending metal clothes hangers to fit your neck.

And when you find yourself, at the age of 5, creating a way to hang yourself from the ceiling fan from a series of hangers all made by hand.

But it`s hard to explain to someone who wouldn`t understand.


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