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Wondali - Chapter 4: The Symbol

November 9, 2020


    Landari painstakingly got up and tried to clear his fog-filled mind. What was going on? And where was Erdalei?
    Suddenly, Landari scrambled to his feet. He remembered everything now, including seeing Erdalei slowly fall down to the murky bottom of the river. Landari frantically ran to the shore, looking left and right for Erdalei. Erala was occupied with the monster, so he was going to have to find his own way out of this.
    The water was much deeper than he guessed. He could just barely make out Erdalei's face under the water, about ten meters deeper than Landari was, and he was sinking fast. Landari swum down further, desperate to save Erdalei's life. He was only a few centimeters away when the monster churned the water into a whirlpool with its tail. 
    Landari saw Erala get smacked into the water. He was struggling to get out of the whirlpool, groping aimlessly at the monster. Seeing its chance, the monster swum down and propelled itself toward Landari. Landari quickly grabbed Erdalei and swam as fast as he could to the surface.
    He gasped for breath. No sooner had Landari tossed Erdalei's body onto the land when suddenly he was once again flung into the air, onto a tree, and on to the ground, the leaves slowing his fall. Suddenly, the monster dug into the ground and tried to snap at Landari. Why is he targeting me? he wondered. Then, the beast rose to smash Landari, and he saw the symbol on its chest. No. After all this time, they suddenly find me?


    Erdalei opened his eyes and looked around. Was he dead? 
    Then he heard the sound of the fighting and sat up. He turned his head toward the sound and saw Erala hopelessly trying to strike at the beast and use numerous small spells to attack it, but the beast wasn't even fazed.
    Erdalei raced through his mind for ideas in vain. Then he paused. All monsters have a weak spot, don't they? He looked closely and then noticed a gold symbol on it's chest. That must act like a chest plate, Erdalei thought. 
    He stood up. "Landari, Erala!" It was hopeless. They couldn't hear him over the noise. He was on his own.
    Erdalei looked around for his bag. He spotted it floating in the river and snatched it up. He fumbled through it and found a large dagger. It would have to do since he didn't have a sword. He looked at the monster. He hesitated. How was he going to be able to penetrate through the armor? He had to find a way fast. Then he noticed a small crack at the top of the chest plate. If he could stab the beast there, he could kill it. But the only way to get up there was to jump on top of it. 
    "I knew going on the river wasn't going to end well," Erdalei whispered under his breath. "But who listens to me anyway?" Then, he charged.


    Jumping on top of the monster was the last thing Landari would have guessed Erdalei was going to do. Out of the blue, Erdalei suddenly charged at the beast, a dagger in his hand, and jumped right on top of it. Erdalei swung his dagger back and forth, grasping on for his life. He stabbed the beast under a crack in the armor. The beast flailed around, knocking Erdalei off, making him drop the dagger in the dirt before he could push it in far enough. Landari bent down, and without thinking, jumped onto the beast's head from the front, turned around, and finished the job. The beast screeched, breathed it's final breath, and came crashing down onto the shore, falling on top of Landari.
    Landari gasped for breath. He tried to lift the creature off of his chest, but it was to heavy.
    "Landari! Landari, where are you?" Landari heard Erdalei's voice cry out. "Over here!" he answered. 
    Erdalei ran towards Landari and saw him trapped under the creature and helped him move it. "Are you okay?" Erdalei asked. "Yeah," he lied. This is not good, he thought. How did they find me? 

To be continued! I'm back from my short hiatus, as you can see. I went on the hiatus to focus on schoolwork for the last week of the quarter.

P.S. In case you missed Chapter 1-3, here are the links to them:
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  • Quiet One

    I've read all four parts of this series and I'm loving it! Such an adventurous tale, and the characters are hilarious! I'm interested to learn more about the secrets each one has

    15 days ago