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I love to do a review for a review, like for like, and maybe even a follow if it's something I truly enjoy.

I try to write stories with a purpose, and just recently started to write poems.

PLEASE talk to me about, the MCU, Harry Potter, riordanverse, Broadway, mcyt or the Dream SMP, current social issues, book/movie recs, or anything else related to these topics! :D

Favorite book series include,
Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, and The Hunger Games.

Favorite stand-alone book:
Esperanza Rises.

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March 12, 2021


Last night I had a dream

it was fine at first, 

my dad and I walking hand and hand on the sidewalk

maybe after a presumably long day

"Do you see it?"
He asks making both of us stop.

"See what?"

I look around my surroundings and see it.

A pale, lanky, mask-wearing figure standing in the darkness right next to a cheery cafe.

"He's going to take you away." A voice says.

It's not my Dad this time.

I'm suddenly not on the sidewalk anymore.

In a small bridal shop, I see a strong-looking man get up from his seat and walk over to me.

"He's going to take you away." the voice says again.

I pounce onto the man and somehow drag him out of the shop and into another sidewalk.

Dream Logic.


The man is gone.
I wrote this months ago in November 2020, and yes, it was a real dream. Since I'm making a return I think this is fitting for a weird comeback. I was going to write more but I didn't, so to preserve the person I was in November it's going un-edited. Any thoughts?


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  • Nyla

    Haha, dreams are so weird but I feel like there’s almost a ton that you could analyze this. Like, did you dad know that was going to be your husband? Did he foretell it? Or was there another connection to that first person. Idk, but I felt like it was an ambiguous story and I liked it :)

    6 months ago