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King of the Ocean (Prologue)

November 7, 2020


There's something so intoxicating about being the king of the Ocean. Maybe it's because I'm the king of the Ocean. 
Okay, enough cracking jokes. My name is Andreus, son of Poseidon. 
It would be a fine title if I you know..knew what I was doing. 
I look around my throne room and grin. The pear-lined floors are shiny and smooth under my sandals. I look out onto my  tinted undersea world and frown. There is nothing but dead eyed fish and shimmering kelp. 

"Dad?" Comes a soft voice from the overarching doorway. It's my daughter, in her chiton, crown sitting upon her silky, smooth dark hair. 
 "Anastasia." I turn to greet her warmly and wrap an arm about her slight shoulders. "Surely, you've come to enjoy this..view with me."
She blinked her big gold-brown eyes and nodded. "It is quite beautiful," She agreed. 

So dismissive, so careful. What have I molded her into? I wanted her to live with her mother, a full-blooded mortal, but she shied away from raising her. As far as I know, she ran off with a hot-dog vendor from the Big Apple and doesn't plan on returning anytime soon. 
"Anastasia," I ask. "How would you feel..about leaving this place?"
She tilted her head and blinked again. "Leave?"

"Yes, my darling-"


"Well..the surface."

Her eyes fly open. "..Up there?" She whispers. 

I nod, and she flings her arms about me. "Can we leave now?"

Oh, no. This was not the reaction I was expecting. 
Looks like I'm going to have to put the dad pants on. 

okay, so on my old account (queenie, its inactive now tho)  i started a PJO fanfic called "the other son" that i just..stopped because i didn't like. 
so i decided to change some things, idk


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