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Raphael and Maya

November 5, 2020


Raphael screamed with all his heart. It felt like choking, unable to breath, yet unable to stop the flow of screams. He knew she was gone, the girl he had given all his love to, and more than that, he knew it was all her fault. The way she'd smiled the first time they had met, Raphael, is it? We will be great friends, I think. Now, she was gone. She hadn't even looked back as she stormed out into the rain, away from Stormdale, away from Raphael. The girl had been right, they had been great friends. But at what cost? Raphael's breath was short, his amber eyes were red from crying. He felt helpless, he would surely die here, alone by the river. He tried not to scream, to hold it in so people wouldn't find him. He gulped, his chest felt broken, his throat was sore from crying. It hurt more than anything else, that the girl he'd trusted had turned out to be heartless, that he'd been played pawn in the worlds harshest game of chess. So Raphael cried more, his breath coming out in short, shallow gasps, his teeth gittering every time they touched, like an electric shock. He wondered, had that girl every really been his friend? Of course she hadn't, he'd been fooled by something that was merely an act, Raphael meant nothing to that snake, of that he was sure. 

On the other side of the river, in a clearing in the woods, Maya was staring blankly at a rock. She felt terrible, she knew that Raphael would never want to speak to her again. If only she hadn't stormed off, if only she'd kept her cool and spoken calmly. But being calm and polite when people were mean wasn't in Maya's nature. She had just meant to go outside for a minute, to calm down, but when Raphael had screamed that he was sorry, after her, it had been to much to deal with so soon. How could that git be sorry? Maya felt her chest tightening, tears sprang to her eyes. If only she hadn't acted how she did. If only Raphael hadn't wound her up so much. If only she wasn't such a horrible person. Maya stood up, this was pointless, she couldn't sit on a look weeping like a Disney Princess. She didn't realize it, but her teeth were clenched so tight that her jaw hurt. Maybe Raphael had really meant it when he said he was sorry, maybe she could forgive him. She walked down the path out of the clearing, wondering what would happen if she went back to Stormdale. Raphael himself said he was sorry. If he'll take it, I'll give him another chance. Standing on the bridge, Maya could see something on the other side of the river. There was something sitting on a rock, maybe a person, maybe just and animal or another rock that looked like one. She walked briskly across the bridge, holding back the tears. She clenched her jaw harder, trying to tell herself that she'd done nothing wrong, and that everything was Raphael's fault. On the other side of the river, she could see Raphael, he was sitting on the rock.                                 
    "Raphael! It's me, Maya! Please, I just want to talk," Maya shouted to him. But her words came out with a sharp edge, she was still mad at him. 
    Raphael turned to her, even from a distance she could see that he was crying. He then turned away, ignoring her. This wasn't right, he couldn't ignore her. They'd been friends just hours before. 
"Raphael, please! If any of this was my fault, I'm sorry!" Maya cried, but the sorry came out sounding very much the opposite. She put an emphasis on SO making it sound as if she just wanted him to listen to her.     
    Raphael finally turned back around. "I'm sorry, Maya. But I know you hate me. It's too late to pretend to apologize," his voice cracked. He was clearly holding back tears. "I thought I knew you, Maya. I thought we were friends."              
    Maya was within a few meters of Raphael now. "We are friends. If you ruin everything, then tell me you don't know me, the very fact that I'm forgiving you should be a miracle."
    "Well, everyone hates me anyway. I'm Raphael, the one there's legends made up by village kids about, the one who is a horrible person. You have been my friend, that in itself is a tremendous thing."
I guess this is about what loosing someone you think is a friend is like, or about how you can want to still be friends, but be furious with them and hurt. And crying, lots of crying. 

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  • Lata.B

    Re- i'm on it!

    6 months ago
  • anemoia (#words)

    Re: alright, I just submitted a review! I won't give anything away here, since I wrote so much on the review, but... I loved it. the emotions... wow.
    wait, where's the charlotte's web quote?? (and how am I not recognizing it?)

    6 months ago
  • Deleted User

    Wow, I'm speechless after reading this! This is honestly such an amazing short story. I really felt the characters' emotions while reading it and I want to know more about them and what has strained their friendship. I hope you continue to pursue writing and maybe add on to what you've written here. Thanks for making my night wonderful with this incredible story!

    6 months ago
  • BizzleWrites

    I meant to put this in the footnotes, but, yes - I couldn't resist including that quote from Charlotte's Web.

    6 months ago
  • bookmagic

    I know how this feels, only I was the one who unfriended them. I feel bad, but it needed to be done and these range of complex emotions applies to both sides of this situation.

    6 months ago