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Warning it is a murder mystery so death is a promenade feature. Any way I kinda need some help with it. If you r eview I will review back!

Archeologist's desert (Murder mystery)

November 7, 2020

There has been a lot of thoughts shared on the 'Archeologist's desert' cast, but not all are factual. I feel it is my duty as a close friend of one Inspector Owen Wilsons, to shed light on the situation. 
It was a dry hot morning in the Egyptian dessert. His faithful assistant, Mr Edward Harris, and I, his secretary, had followed inspecter Wilsons into this formidable landscape for a so called holiday. 
"He's been out there pacing for the thirty minuets," Edward remarked in his thick french accent "I think the heat has gotten to his head."
"Quite, Do you think he's on to something?" We didn't have to wait for long as the phone started to ring. I watched as Owen sprinted inside and frantically grabbed the phone.
"Hello, Inspecter Wilson here-" He answered.
"of course-, right away-, Yes-, thank you!" A smile spread across his face as he put down the phone. 
"ladies and gentleman, it looks like we have a case." I laughed as I started towards the door with the others, only Owens would be excited by someones death.

The deeper we went into the desert, The hotter and sandier it seemed to get. There was so much sand in the air in fact It was hard to see officer Hans standing right in front of us.
"Who was he?" Owen asked after greeting were over.
"He was professer Albert Ward, an archeologist working on one of the local dig sites."
"Are we aware of the time or cause of death yet."
"We think he died between eleven and twelve last night, with the cause of death unknown."
"Any relatives living out here?"
"Only a wife." Owen thought about this for a second before replying,
"Where can we find Mrs Ward."

"I'm so sorry for your loss, Mrs Ward." I started out, Knowing Owen could be a little emotionally detached. In return she just sobbed. I stared at Owens trying to tell him to go softly.
"Mrs ward, If you would allow, we would like to ask some questions." He asked a bit awkwardly.
"S-Sure." He looked at me and Edward with questioning eyes, I understood and slid down in the seat next to her and put my arm around her for comfort. Edward cleared his throat and stepped forward.
"Excusez moi Mademoiselle, was your husband like himself yesterday?"
"N-No, he was not thinking straight and sick but I told him it w-would be fine." she broke down in tears. 
"Oh, darling its not your fault" I said in a soothing voice handing her a tissue. 
"Hmm... sounds like potassium chloride poisoning, but we will have to have an autopsy to find out." Owen whispered to Edward. 
"Did Mr Ward have any enemies?" asked Edwards
"D-Do you think its murder?"
"There is always that possibility." Owen added solemnly.
"Well he did say something about Miss Field." Owen clicked his fingers before walking out the door.
"Thank you for your help."  I whispered encouragingly before I followed 

Miss Mary field was quite a ditsy young girl in my opinion.
"All this murder business, I was going to the pictures but now daddy says I can't go." 
"ah yes your father, Doctor field, I believe, is he in?" asked Owen giving us a questioning glance.
"Yeah he's out back" she said, absently mindedly twirling her hair. Owen gestured his hands for me to stay where I was as they walked out the back.
"So, what did you do yesterday?"
"Nothing!" she almost yelled.
"Oh, no no no I was just making polite conversation!"
"sorry." she said looking down at her feet "I thought you were accusing me."
"No no dear!"
"Oh, well, in that case I really was just doing nothing, well... I guess Mrs ward showed up for a bit."
"Mrs Ward?" I gasped
"Yeah she said she was looking for daddy, so I showed her into the backroom." I opened my mouth to ask another question but Edward and Owen walked out the back door.

"What was really," Owen said to us as we were having dinner "Was that the potassium chloride out of order."
"What is your meaning?" Asked Edward spearing his potatoes.
"Well all the other chemicals were in alphabetical order, but the potassium chloride was not."
"Do you have any idea who it is yet?" I asked.
"I do, but not I don't have enough proof yet." He sighed. "But I do have a plan!"

"Thank you for coming all." Owen said to the three guests sitting around the living room."We have ask you to come here to shed light on the murder of the late Albert Ward."
"Who was it?" asked Mrs ward.
"Well it couldn't be you Mrs Ward but it was you, wasn't it Mrs Ward, you murdered your husband for you loved another, Isn't that right Mr Field?"
"H-How, we covered all our tracks?" stammered a gobsmacked Mr Feild.
"Yes, but you left out one thing. There was no other suspects. Who did you want us to suspect, your daughter?"
"N-No." In walked officer Hans.
"You are coming with me, You both have the right to stay silent!"

Word count: 859

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