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I write when I feel inspired and I love fantasy. Like A LOT of fantasy. I'm trying to become a better writer. Fan fiction I write too. I usually write about whatever song I listen too. And I'm try to show more of my OC.

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Orangie's Adventure Ch.1

November 19, 2020

As long as I have lived, I’ve always had someone by my side, from my mother to my stuffed teddy bear. This is the story of that teddy bear about what happened after I left his side.
It had been many years since the last time Orangie helped out Guardian in the battle of Dormammu. He had been wondering Fantasyland ever since, from tavern to tavern he went trying to find jobs and tasks to get himself paid. He was not in debt to anyone and knew no one. He was alone in this world. Alone from everyone and everything. 
But one day something changed his life, something so extraordinary, he will never forget it. It all started on the streets of men, the city of Dale, the kingdom of man and stone was this kingdom. It was in its usual busyness of the day, with traders in wagons filled with assortment of things. Things like gems, watches, and ores are mostly found here but occasionally some would bring magic filled gems or strange looking fruits, still even he doesn't know. 
Orangie being the frailed orange bear he was, with his bow tie around his neck and his sword sheathed at his waist, walks down the stone streets doing his daily routine of going to a tavern for a job. He had been in Dale for a while now, going to the same taverns and walking down the same streets. He stopped at a dingy little tavern with a sign hanging on by one hook that reads Scorched Fish. The doors opened with a creak to reveal a rough looking inside. The tavern had looked as if a hurricane and a dragon came down upon it, but it still held. The customers were mostly a mix of commoners and dwarfs both burly, dirty, and baleful as they were drinking down their sorrows inside. There was no cheering or drunken laughter. Only the sad, sorrowful looks of those who had lost something. Orangie, in a way, was used to this tavern. He kept watch of all who left and who entered, for let’s just say, it was not in a good neighborhood. He sits down now in his normal seat. “The usual?” the bartender asks, Orangie just gives a nod signaling yes. The bartender vanishes for a couple of seconds into the back room and reappears with a bottle of what looks like red wine but it was a bottle of sweet berry juice, now to be fair it probably doesn't sound all that good but let me tell you that it was expensive, for sweet berries were a royal luxury thing, meaning only royals could have it. This bartender had it as a gift from the king of Dale long ago for serving him loyally. As it were a rare thing in the city now, some would carry it to sell or to boast. Why was this bartender giving this frail old bear a bottle of the rarest wine you can get, you ask? It is for the service that Orangie has done for him, such as stopping all bar fights and getting rid of all the rats that lived in the tavern. He sat there now pouring this juice or wine into a shot glass. Orangie with the look of a warrior looked at the bartender and spoke, “Do you have anything for me today?”. Orangie is a soft warm teddy bear but his voice was not of that, instead it was of a gruff battle-hardened warrior. He never sounded like that before but times change, and things happen. The bartender shook his head silently saying no while sliding the shot glass over to Orangie. “There hasn’t been much business in a while now or at least since you appeared” he said while cleaning a beer mug. “But I do know of one thing you could do…”
“There is one case you can take but I must warn you it is quite personal.”
Orangie hesitated slightly, it’s time to move on from her he thought to himself. “What is it Brut?”.
“Over near the Wastelands a village lies on its borders, a girl lives there.”
“Who is the girl?”
“I don’t know, one of their messengers came by and asked for my help. I told them I was retired and not as youthful as I used to be but I told‘em you might be able to help.”
“So, what did they want?”
“Oh yeah, they’re trying to get the girl over the borders of Fantasyland and to Vesk.”
“Do you know what for?”
“No, they didn’t say”
Orangie pondered on the idea. Going and bringing this girl to the most royal of places? Sure, why not! Going to Vesk without a ship or a crew and having barely enough money to even be able to eat? What could go wrong! “I’ll do it” he said while downing the drink and heading towards the doors. As he did Brut said one last thing, “Be careful out there, Master Bear, you don’t want to get caught up in the storm”. He rolled his eyes at the name Brut called him by, Brut had never seen Orangie as a noble of any kinds but respected him greatly. So, at that Orangie pushed open the doors and started his way home to pack. His pace quicker than usual. A real adventure! The last time I had been in one of those was when… He stopped dead in his tracks, deep into thought, I shouldn’t do this, he thought to himself. The last time he had done an adventure like this was when he fought side-by-side with Guardian. “But why do I have to stay here?” He asked Guardian as both of them are sitting under a cherry blossom tree. “You are meant to stay here, just for now I promise” she told him as if it were meant to be. 
“I don’t understand”
“You will soon my good friend, you will soon”
He had waited for Guardian. But something happened, no one would tell him what but something happened to her. One day there were cheers and gossip about Guardian saving all of Fantasyland, now hymns are being made stories and rumors are telling of her end. But some little voice in the back of his mind told him, she was alive and that this journey would be his destiny, his answers. Orangie continued his journey to room to pack his things. He was off to an adventure of a lifetime. 
This story is based on my official novel series called the Guardian Saga but I have not corrected and fully cleaned it up yet. So this story is between the first and second book of the series. 

The character Orangie is an old teddy bear from one of Guardian's previous adventure. 


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