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by julia phillips
i'm considering doing one of those comprehensive reviews of every book i've read in the past few months but it's more fun to just write about the books i care about. because if i'm honest i read a lot of shit i don't care about.

Disappearing Earth

November 12, 2020


1. Seemingly one those critically acclaimed works about the feminine experience.

2. Revolving around missing children.  There have been weirder things?

3. A conclusion––yawn.

4. The children never come home.  (A final-ten-pages sort of revelation).

5. Why did you take me through over 240 pages of the feminine experience to get to 10 pages of missing children never coming home?  I want to sob at this sad book.  Please let me sob.  I fear I may fall asleep first.


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  • November 12, 2020 - 6:32pm (Now Viewing)

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