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Tolerated *Excerpt: Chloe*

November 16, 2020

    I know something is up almost as soon as I wake up-- I don't know what, but it makes me feel like I need to go downstairs. Downstairs, I see my parents looking at the computer, confused.
    "What's up?" I ask.
    "Morning, Chloe. We're just checking out this email from your new school," Dad replies.
    "What's it say?" I don't think that I have done anything wrong, I mean, I've only been at Crest Hill High for two weeks.
    "Well, they're saying that you don't have to, and probably shouldn't, go to school for the next three days," Mom says.
    "What? Why would they say that, on Wednesday? How am I going to learn anything?" I have always liked school, and I try to miss as little as possible-- especially since this is a new school. 
    "It says your teachers will email you work. We have no idea what it's about, so we're just going to leave it up to you."
    "Well, I'm not missing school, especially since there's an assembly today."
    "That's fine by me," Dad says.
    I go back upstairs and get ready. I keep thinking about the email as I brush my red hair, and as I change into jeans and a light blue hoodie, since it's chilly outside. I'm still getting used to wearing almost whatever to school instead of a uniform. I hear the daily screeching sound, run downstairs, and yell," I'll see you later!"
    "Bye, hun!" Mom says as I walk out the door. 
    When I get on the bus, I immediately notice that there is a little over half of the amount of people who are usually there, and everyone who is on the bus looks almost scared. I just go to the back like I usually do and sit down for the ten minute drive. I look outside and admire the fall weather. When we get to school, the rest of the people slowly get up and walk out. What's the deal?
    As I walk out of the bus, the driver says," Good luck, kid." 
    I look back at the older woman, about forty years old, and she looks worried, nearly as worried as my fellow peers; I just say thank you and step out. When the other fifteen students are close to the door to the school, they all stop. They stand there for a long time before one of the boys opens the door. Almost as soon as the door opens, they all run inside, and I don't think it's because they are excited. I just stand for a bit, trying to figure out what the deal is, before shrugging and turning to the right to go to the junior class lockers. 
    The hallway is a little emptier than it usually is in the morning, and it's kind of disquieting. I'm still not used to being in a class of sixty instead of three hundred, and the lack of people scares me. There are several people that aren't at their lockers and the ones who are are looking around as if they could be attacked any second. I keep walking towards my locker, trying to get out of the hall and get to class, but someone grabs my arm and pulls me to the side.
    "Are you crazy?!" Christi asks me. 
    I look at her, confused; her brown, cheerful eyes are full of fear and shock. "What are you talking about? I'm just trying to get to my locker."
    "It's too dangerous. Besides, you won't need anything, not today."
    "What? Why not?"
    "Because something that should never ever happen is happening today. Something that the whole school fears."
    "What are you talking about?"
    "Did you get an email about your presence not being required?"
    "Yeah, but why is attending school optional for the rest of the week?"
    Christi looks around before whispering," Because this is the week that Nvidia Johnson and Evan Conrad will both be at school."
    "What?" Now I'm even more confused. On the first day I was here, Evan Conrad was in my English class, the next day Nvidia Johnson was, and then Evan was the day after. They kept on alternating like that, and I thought it was strange. I never asked why, but I think I'm about to get my answer. 
    She looks around again and says," Nvidia and Evan are the school's most feared students because of their intense hatred of each other. It's so bad that they can never be at the same place at the same time and everyone's safe; they can never be on the same team, on different teams, or even watch the other play. Even the teachers are scared of their hate. It's so bad that there are rules when it comes to talking to or about them: never say the other's name, never talk about the other when one is nearby, never ever say both names in the same sentence or paragraph even, and, if you include both names, do it very quietly." 
    Suddenly, she looks up and a look of horror crosses over her. The hallway has grown completely silent. I turn around and I see Nvidia-- her long, blonde, curly hair is up in a ponytail, her perfect, naturally tan skin is almost glowing, she's wearing a maroon shirt, a leather jacket, ripped blue jeans, and black boots. I look at the other end of the hallway and see Evan-- his brown hair is laying on his forehead, swooped to the right, he's wearing his red and white letterman jacket, jeans, and white tennis shoes. These two are arguably the best looking in the entire school. They're staring each other down and I can feel the atmosphere get tense; Christi was right, you can feel the hatred radiating off of them. We're all terrified, frozen in place. The silence is deafening.
    "Conrad," Nvidia says, seriously.
    "Johnson," he says. 
    Now I understand why coming to school was optional, and I almost wish that I stayed home.
Word count: 999

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