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Hi! This is an a thousand word excerpt from a piece I’m writing in my spare time. I’m experimenting with writing styles, so I’d really appreciate any and every piece of feedback you could offer. Thank you!!


November 5, 2020

Amber light streamed in through the tall windows in the studio. It draped over the backs of the creme-coloured sofas and winked on the dust that hung in the air. The girl, thirteen years older now, was sat in one of these sofas, sinking into the red-velvet cushions. An easel decorated with a half-formed owl stood between her and the sharp rays of sun, instead casting a warm glow over her form. She was intently watching the rather talkative man opposite her, a greying man wearing a hoary suit, waving a bar of chocolate around in his notably dainty fingers. 

“This is a top of the market product, I can assure you.” The man was saying. “And if you invest in us, if you invest in this fine product, in my pride and joy, you will not only have absolutely no regrets but also a great deal of profit. My friend. There is no question about it - this, you and I, is an excellent opportunity. Would you really want to waste such a golden chance?”
The girl let her head drop slightly to the left, her eyes falling on another man sitting at the other end of her sofa. He was shorter than the chocolate man, with a magnificent charcoal beard, a tight visor of pristine ringlets that he twisted bemusedly around his ink-stained finger. His knowing eyes, a dark brown behind gold-framed circle spectacles met the girl’s. 
A smile pulled at the corner of his mouth as he turned back to the other man.
“Alright...I’ll bite.” Sir Rubeus Rosterfield said, nodding. “Continue with your pitch.”

The chocolate man twitched forward in his seat, a renewed excitement in his eyes. He gestured with the chocolate towards the girl.
“You have a very smart daughter, sir.” 
“Adopted, actually.” Sir Rubeus corrected. “It’s a rather interesting tale.”
“I’m sure-”
“I was being driven to a gala in central London.” The girl smothered her amusement behind a hand as her guardian took on that far-away look into his eyes that she knew so well. “When suddenly I’m thrown forward in my seat - fortunately I was wearing my seat belt and it wasn’t too harsh of a collision, but it was a collision all the same! I clamber out, a little weak at the knees but relatively unharmed to discover my driver had driven straight into the side of a truck carrying baked goods. Of course, he and I do our best to pay the poor man and go to help him re-load the truck, when guess what we see, tucked away under a mess of upturned boxes?”
There was a moment of hesitant silence before the chocolate man realised he was expected to reply.
“A tiny little girl, no older than four! Can you imagine?” Sir Rubeus turned to fondly glance at the girl. “I of course took her into my care. I have no children myself and there was just something about her. So, she’s lived here, with me, ever since.”
The chocolate man was stuck with a half smile, half look of shock, unsure of what emotion he was expected to portray. His eyes darted to and from Sir Rubeus to the girl, his words caught in his throat by the unexpected turn of topic.

“I’m Grace.” The girl smiled, breaking the silence. She loved the way her name sounded on her tongue.
“Well, uhm, lovely to meet you, Grace.” He nodded, finally settling on a somewhat patronising grin. “I’m sure you’d love to try some chocolate?”
There was a second in which Grace hoped her guardian had forgotten and she would finally be able to taste that sweetness again, but Sir Rubeus’ hand was in the air in a second.
“No, she will not have any chocolate!” He barked, then calmly added, “she is intolerant to lactose.”
“Ah, I see.” The man hastily retracted his offer, much to the girl’s disappointment. 

A swallow flitted past the window, its shadow briefly inked onto the sun-kissed wall. Its wingtips traced the cuckoo-clock that hung above a blank canvas. Grace started amongst the cushions, standing with sudden purpose.
“I have to go.” She explained to the questioning faces. “It’s almost six. If I leave any later the shops will be shut.”
“Ah, yes, time has gotten away with us.” Sir Rubeus agreed, extending his hand to the businessman. “I’ll be sure to stay in contact.”
“Thank you, Sir.”
“And don’t you forget to pick up my brushes, Grace!”
Nodding, Grace whisked out of the studio and into the hall, catching her bag on the tips of her fingers as she passed its hanging place. The walls were adorned with flowery wall paper and carefully positioned works of Seurat, clasped in frames complimented by the evening richness. A large mirror sat propped against the wall at the foot of the carpeted stairs, in front of which Grace stopped for a half-second to adjust her tawny hair before scurrying out of the front door and down the marble steps. 
The roads were clear so she made her journey down the centre, just the distant hum of traffic and the rhythmic tapping of her shoes on the flagstones. A mouse darted along the curb and disappeared down a drain. Fortunately for her, the shops were still open - the grocer’s with its crates of apples and aubergines, the bakery with its lingering scent of bread, the butcher’s and the golden-brown pork pies that sat proudly in the window. Once her bag was content, Grace wound her way through the familiar back alley to Picasso’s Palace, the quaint art-supplies shop. She stopped, just the last few paces before stepping into the view of its windows, almost for no reason at all, just to tuck her hair behind her ear, untuck it again, and pull her bag higher up on her shoulder.

When she opened the ebony door, the small bell rang above her head. The chiming sound cast her back to her first visit.


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    re: thank you so much for the lovely comments!! :)) <3

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    Beautiful piece! Congratulations!!! <3

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    hey congrats on being a finalist in the comp!! The setting description in here is fantastic, and I already love the backstory behind Grace and her guardian XD amazing piece!

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    The imagery is gorgeous here!

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    Congratulations on being a finalist! I can see why you placed so well.

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    Congratulations! Your imagery feels heavenly. I just want to soak in your descriptions.

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