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November 6, 2020


I cannot say whether I am red or blue. 
I won't reveal whether I lean left or right. 
That isn't to say I don't have beliefs or preferences because I do. 
Instead I choose to lean into the arms of love. 

In a time where so many people are divided on so many issues, we need to come together. 
Our beliefs should not be the factor the will place a wall between our hearts. 
I wonder when we will learn to accept people who live or believe differently from us. 
We live wondering how others can live with themselves because of their beliefs. 

The truth is, we all think we are right. 
Any belief is based on something you hold to be right or wrong. 
So maybe consider that before you attack.
We are all human and we are going to have different morals. 
Not everyone can be right, but that doesn't mean you should ridicule them because their beliefs don't line up with yours. 

So just remember, we are humans. 
We are all living our lives and following our beliefs. 
If you want to, have a polite discussion. 
Try to see where the other person is coming from.

I cannot say whether I am red or blue. 
For I know that no matter which side I am, I will be torn down for my beliefs. 
So please, please remember that we must stand united. 
How can we hope to help the world when we can't even help each other?

And when it comes down to it, we are living, breathing, fallible beings. Mistakes don't make us evil, they make us human. 
I'm so tired of people being chewed apart for their beliefs. So tired of it. I feel like I can't look at one piece where someone reveals their stance on politics without seeing a comment attacking them personally or becoming angry. I get that it's hard. I know. But please please please, remember that we are all human. 

If you are interested in debating politics, check out this piece of mine on how to debate respectfully (We Are More Than Our Beliefs) if you want to. 

All the best, and I'm really sorry if I offended anybody. Please know that if I did offend you, it was completely unintentional. 


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  • ~Zoe N~

    Thanks for this <3

    6 months ago
  • katnissromanoff

    This is so true and needed during this time. We need to appreciate everyone's beliefs and not be so divided.

    6 months ago
  • mirkat

    thank you, madeline, for this. and you are right-- no matter what you believe you are going to think you are right. and like you said the most important thing about life about america about everything is that we try to stand united... thank you, i needed some humbling. and i like that you took yourself out of the equation while writing this. <3<3<3

    6 months ago
  • Rose A(hiatus)

    You didn't offend me. I could not agree more. I believe we're all the same because we're all different. That shouldn't be a wall, it should be a bridge

    6 months ago
  • dead account


    6 months ago