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Things Which Can Happen in a Bookstore (Continuation of Ch. 1)

November 5, 2020


    “Hello?” His voice came out as a hesitant whisper. Dang it. The girl knelt behind a shelf. She clutched the leather-bound novel to her green hoodie like a lioness protecting her cubs. 
    “Hello.” Silence like tapioca pudding followed. Tag nodded at the book in her hands. 
    “We both had the same idea, I see,” he said in a poor attempt to dispel the awkwardness.  
    “Yes,” she said. Wow, she’s not going to make this easy, is she? Tag tried not to stare at her, but she was more striking than Brooks could have hoped to do justice. Tag considered himself a fair judge on physical attractiveness. He wouldn’t have called her pretty or cute, but her face was sharp and angular and elegant. Her hair looked like… well, it really was fire and sunlight amidst a waterfall of dark chocolate from Big Valley Confectionery. She twisted, shifting to a crouch, and as she did so, light from the window threw itself on her. Illuminated each strand of fire and delicate sunlight. Stroked the threads of chocolate. Tag drew in a sharp but shallow breath as the light played with her features, softening some and sharpening others. 
    “So, what’s the title of this book?” Tag hadn’t even glanced at it since he had grabbed it. His book-hunger still tarried, waiting to be satisfied; but curiosity, and, admittedly, his awe of this girl, overpowered him for now. 
She eyed him coolly, then nodded down at the book. She tapped the spine. this is a book (almost), he read sideways. Tag’s intrigue spiked.
    “Are you going to read it no—”
    “What if we start it at the same time?” Her question burst out quickly. It hung in the air briefly before Tag latched onto it.
    “We read together but separately.” 
    “Do let’s.” 
    “Compare and contrast opinions, maybe. Discuss it aft—” Her look halted Tag in his bookworm fantasies. Probably fortunate for both of them before he started a book club and started making blueberry muffins and buying coffee mugs decorated with inspirational quotes. She shook her head.
    “Just read,” she said. Tag thought he saw a hint of a smile on her thin lips. 
    “Okay. By the way, what’s your name? Do you attend Big Valley High? I’ll be a senior there this fall. Or are you at Greenhall?” He paused, then blurted out, “Are you even still in high school?” before he realized that could be taken as an insult to her age. He scrambled for the last main possibility. “Surely not… NPAKHHS?” He shuddered inwardly; if you didn’t attend New Pacifc Aylesworth-Kallenback Honorific High School, you thanked your parents and the universe and considered it repulsive and snobby by default. 
    All he received was a shake of her head. There was definitely a half-smile now. I’m never going to get answers like this. Who is this girl?
    She stood—she was tall indeed, a little more than an inch shy of Tag—and set the book on the comfy chair next to the window that had been Tag’s spot for six years. Carefully cracking open the window, she slipped her sandals off, sat down, and calmly picked up her copy of this is a book (almost).
    Tag was impressed with her practical efficiency. He was impressed by her total lack of fear, her nonchalance (apart from the very beginning, when she gripped the book so tightly one would think she held the Hope Diamond). He was also impressed by how quickly she appeared to have forgotten him. He got to his feet slowly, still gawking at her. She glanced up at him after several seconds, an eyebrow arched. 
    Dang. Tag had always wanted to be able to do that; when he was twelve, he’d practiced in front of his mirror for weeks, to no avail. That cryptic half-smile that faced him was beginning to feel familiar. She gestured at her book, and gave him a look saying, Well, aren’t you going to join me? 
    Suddenly, the hunger returned. It had dipped below the surface upon seeing the girl, but now, as Tag stared at the beguiling cover in his hands, his desire for the written story rose within. It was then that he noticed she had stolen his chair; but he had been so absorbed in watching her confident, collected manner that Tag felt no indignation. He took to the sofa next to the comfy chair and forced off his white Converse without unlacing. The breeze drifted pleasantly over him, mingling with the warmth of the sun. He reverently ran a finger over the cover and looked across at the girl. 
    “Ready?” she murmured. 
    And they opened the books.
Per request, this is a continuation of chapter 1 of Things Which Can Happen in a Bookstore. Picks up directly after the last one, with three asterisks separating the paragraphs. (you know, when you don't want a new chapter but a new paragraph isn't distinct enough.)
I might actually submit this part to the competition instead, since it's shorter... the next piece is only the book itself. The one that Tag and the girl are reading.
Anyway... thanks for everything!


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  • Turkeycracker K (a.ka. Firecracker)

    Ooh! I love it :)

    6 months ago
  • Abrianna

    Re: Thanks! Yup, we American's need to not be ashamed of our country we need to fight for her in every way possible. Keep the U.S.A. alive, great, and standing for truth.

    6 months ago
  • dead account

    re: tbh idk - i just thought it would be cute!

    6 months ago
  • Stone of Jade

    re: aww haha that made me smile. its kinda funny--i have been reading some of my old writing and finding here and there, characteristics of my guy "love interest" are really similar to my friend irl.

    also just submitted a review for your piece!!

    6 months ago
  • Stone of Jade

    alsoo just seeing your footnotes...its kind of a hard choice between which piece to enter to the comp. I really liked the first one--it's totally up to you--but I feel like you could either focus a lot on more descriptions to set the scene in the bookstore instead of so much dialogue...or focus on developing brooks and tag's character and their friendship. idk--but i know its longer so if you focus on a little more character development (even if you dont keep it in the "real story) it would make a great entry!

    6 months ago
  • Stone of Jade

    re: aww thank you! if you had time I would love a review on my novel comp entry. It's called On The High Seas (working on a title lol).

    6 months ago
  • Stone of Jade

    OH MY WORD!!! Yes yes yes!! you know i loved the prev "chapter" but this!! OH MY WORD!! Love your descriptions of the girl!!

    6 months ago
  • almost flora kane

    AAAA i love it. more please. more. i want to read the whole book.

    apart from my excitement, if i get the time i will try to review the first part because i noticed you submitted that for the novel writing competition:D

    6 months ago