Hi there! Just a teen who wants to write more for her last few years of high school :)
and who also can't usually write super-extended pieces of writing because of writer's block so short stories will be all I ever write :P

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Written earlier this year, and unedited since then.

Short story about a girl about to realise her dream as a trapeze artist, but the burning past threatens to hold her back.

The Stars Above

November 5, 2020


Even the stars held their breath as she balanced on the edge of the high-reaching platform.

Teetering, dancing swirls of violet and azure and magenta light stood to attention as the crowd below hushed in a dazzling expectancy. Through the careful openings of the big top, the glittering diamonds hung in the night sky, silently encouraging her as she took a deep breath, the room whirling and burning around her as her caged heart beat ferociously against her chest. 

Only the day before, the colourful travelling circus had frolicked merrily into this central town. Multitudes from all the neighbouring towns and villages had gathered tonight inside the vibrant, dream-filled big top for this special performance.

Her whole life had led to this moment; all the nights she spent practising, under the fond gaze of the charcoal sky, all added up to this. Her solo debut. Her first major performance. The road that led either to the stars, or to the internal hellfire that would consume her if she failed. 

It seemed it was only just one yesterday when she was the young, fragile little girl kindly taken in by these incredible travelling circus troupes when they found her that day, all those years ago. A day blackened and charred by the past’s scorching flames.

She shook her head, focusing on what was in front of her - the trapeze bar grasped in her hands, the enthused crowd cheering below, the burning diamonds swirling in the sky above. Ten years and she was here high above the blurred crowd, up on the swaying platform. 

Here in the blinding spotlight, she would make them proud, the stardusted eyes that she knew were shining down on the circus tent from up in the blanketed night sky. But her blood roared through her ears, an icy inferno of memories that threatened to consume her. 

Yet she wouldn’t let it take her. She couldn’t. The bar in her hands and the stars in her sky and the circus band that had become her new family were all she had left, and she couldn’t let them down too. She refused to let go to succumb to the cold, caging flames fear and doubt had laced through her head and heart.

She clutched the trapeze bar and ran through the routine in her head. The swinging and twirling and tumbling, the graceful colours that would set the crowds alight with awe and wonder. Here she was, turbulent swirls of amethyst and sapphire and fuchsia light cascading down from above, and raucous, passionate cheers of the crowd reverberating from below.

She just wanted them to be proud, wanted to reach up to the brilliant night sky and - even just for a moment - become one of them, a glimmer of fame that would echo throughout the land.

But she wasn’t quite there yet. The crowds watched on as she balanced precariously on the edge of the dizzying platform, her mind plummeting towards the engulfing serpentine flames of the past as she struggled to stay poised and in control here in the present. 

She couldn’t see the encouraging glitter-painted sky and the boisterous crowds clamouring below - couldn’t see anything past those blazing memories of the serpent that had blazed through her childhood home, nearly consuming her too, on that scorched, summer evening ten years ago. 

She couldn’t focus. Her technicolour reality was overwhelmed by the haunting phantom of the fire, and its raging dragon fury that had left nothing behind, nothing but her and the charred twilight sky, with only two faint, twinkling specks to be seen.

She flickered her eyes shut, just for a moment, and relived the moments she’d spent practicing under the moonlight, training under the welcoming silence and the proud, applauding flecks of radiant light that were stitched up there, in the obsidian sky.

She reopened her determined eyes, breathed one long breath and stepped back with one foot, the other raised forward, grasping the trapeze bar tightly. 

Up above the big top, the stars sparkled and shone, glittering from where they watched in the warm, asphalt sky, releasing their breath as nearby a fire’s embers smouldered one last time and the girl finally soared among them.


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