MacKenzie Lee



November 17, 2020

Finally, we arrived at my house. Grayson parked the car and we got out. It wasn't too long of a drive since I lived in the city not too far from where I worked. Rosalie and her parents had nicely left the outside lights on so I wouldn't have to walk around in the dark. Once up the driveway, I arrived at the door and noticed something strange. The door was unlocked. That’s weird. Maybe Rosalie and her parents forgot to lock the door on their way out to the orchestra, I thought. It was a possibility. After living with the Thorns for a while, I had learned they could be quite forgetful, but they still were the greatest foster family I could ever have.
Courteously, I told Grayson he could go set up in the living room while I made some popcorn. Once in the kitchen, I chucked a bag in the microwave and started it. We had a lot of algebra to do and snacks were going to be necessary. While waiting for the kernels to pop, I prepared myself mentally for what I was about to do. I couldn't believe that I was actually going to tell Grayson how I felt. My mind kept on screaming, What are you getting yourself into? Telling your best friend you have a crush on him! What are you thinking?! 
Fortunately, the timer on the microwave went off, interrupting my train of thought, so I didn’t get that much of a chance to overthink things. Why did sixteen-year-olds have to have these emotions?
Everything was going pretty well, besides the fact that I was going to admit my biggest secret, until I heard Grayson’s voice, “Thea! You should come and see this!” Oh no! Maybe there was a burglar after all! As fast as possible, I rushed into the room holding the popcorn. As soon as I saw what was going on, I dropped the bowl in horror. There was now glass and popcorn scattered all over the carpet, but that was nothing compared to what I had seen. 
There was a dead body lying on the floor of the living room. Right where the person’s heart was there was a knife. But not just any knife. It was the knife that had gone missing when I was working at the restaurant that day. Blood from the wound has seeped into the cream coloured carpet. Boy, my parents weren't going to be too happy about that. The Thorns always kept a very tidy house and Mrs. Thorn loved her carpets. She was going to be fuming when she discovered they had been stained.
“I…. I didn’t do that!” I stuttered gasping in terror. Grayson didn’t respond but I knew he knew I wasn’t lying.
My body shivered as I took a few seconds to process what was happening. Somebody was trying to frame me. But who?
My brain didn't want to think straight and I just kept finding myself staring at the cadaver in shock.
Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. "Edmonton police, open up!" My body froze paralyzed. “What do I do?! They think it was me!” I cried out. Grayson didn't answer and I don't think he was able to. He stood there frozen staring blankly at me. I wanted to answer the door, but couldn't. My feet felt like they were glued to the ground.
BANG! The door came crashing down. After that, everything happened so fast it was like a blur. Officers swarmed into the room leaving dirty footprints behind them. My foster mom was not going to be happy at all, but that was the least of my concerns. They immediately moved Grayson away from me. It wasn't a struggle at all for them to just drag him away as he stood there immobilized.
The feeling of them thinking I was a threat to my best friend cut deep. If only they knew our bond.
The next thing I knew, I felt a pair of ice-cold handcuffs being slapped on me. What was happening didn't feel real.
“Thea Rivers, you are under arrest for first-degree murder! You have the right to remain silent!” one of the officers spoke sternly. Nothing came out of my mouth as I tried to say something to defend myself. I was too shaken to even speak. “She didn’t do it! I was with her the whole time!” Grayson tried to explain. “Save it for court! She will need a good witness if she wants to go free!” the officer said smugly.
With two officers each holding one of my arms, I was escorted out of my house. Due to shock, I couldn’t even care about the fact that I was being drenched with rain. 
It wasn't long before Grayson rushed out of the house and at that moment, I recalled the deal I had with Rosalie. “Gray! There is something I need to tell you! I... I have… I… l-like...” But, before I could finish my sentence, I was seated in the back seat of their car and they slammed the door shut cutting me off. 
As the car drove away, I took one last look out the back window. To my surprise, Grayson was running after the car. He was yelling and screaming, but I couldn’t make out any of the words he was saying. The rain plastered his blond hair to his forehead, making it get in his eyes. 
As the police car drove through a puddle, a wave of fallen rainwater soaked him causing him to stop running. Tears should have been streaming down my face, but I was in too much shock to cry.  As the car turned off of my street, I realized that the time I had just spent with Grayson was probably going to be the last time I’d be seeing him in a long time without a barrier between us. 
 I didn’t even get to tell him how I felt…


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