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Ariell Wright

I`m 16, and have always had a knack for writing. I am hoping to sharpen my skills and come out with a new perspective of myself as a writer.

Life in Numbers

June 10, 2015

PROMPT: Subtotals


Number of bones I`ve broken: 0. Number of bones I swear I should have broken: 5. Largest number of pizza slices eaten in one sitting: 6. Number of hearts I`ve broken: 1. Number of times my heart has been broken: 3. Number of times I`ve hit my head on a swingset: 1. Number of times I`ve been in love: 2. Number of times I`ve stood up for my ideals with someone on my side: 142; on my own: 54. Times I`ve tripped and fell on my face: 26; on my butt: 157. Number of times I`ve felt embarrassed: 308. Number of allergic reactions: 2. Number of times I`ve told myself that change is not a good thing: 564. Number of times I`ve forced myself to face the truth: 86. Number of times I`ve been entirely honest in front of a group of adults: 1. Number of times I`ve consciously cried in front of a group of adults: 2. Number of performances I`ve danced in: 70. Number of times I have legitimately been proud of myself: 1. Number of sports I`ve attempted to play: 8. Amount of times I`ve done something that I probably shouldn`t: 256. Number of times I`ve ripped my pants: 8; in front of others: 5. Number of events seen that remain unexplained: 8. Number of awards: 12. Number of trophys: 4. Number of times I`ve been inspired by another person that I knew personally: 1. Number of times I`ve knowingly inspired someone: 1. Number of times I`ve been fooled continuously: 2. Number of times I will ever be fooled again: 0.



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