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Joshua 1:9

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"This is the day that the Lord has made; let us REJOICE and be glad in it." - Psalm 118:24

My mind is like a good book in three respects: that it is easy to get lost in it; that it has lots of unexpected twists; and that there is never really an end.

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." - Philippians 4:13

"From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king." - J. R. R. Tolkien

Violet the Spy

November 17, 2020

    Violet approached the building. “Club for Environmentally Concerned Individuals Fundraiser Dance”, screamed the banner. The enormous guards opened the double doors for her after she showed them her ticket. She dropped a few bills into the donation box, and entered the building, glad to be out of the evening rain.

    Quickly, she scanned the large room. About two hundred people were here, eating, drinking, and dancing. A combination of laughter, chattering, and gentle piano music filled the room. The sweet aroma of vatruska pastries permeated the air. Violet noticed an energetic young woman in a deep green dress, with long red hair. She looked like she was searching for someone. Something blinked in the corner of the ceiling. Security cameras. 

    “I’m getting into the mainframe now.” Her earpiece told her. 
    “Hurry up, Axel. Before someone asks me to dance.” She was dressed in a modest indigo dress, adorned with silver jewelry. She had brushed up on her dancing earlier, but didn’t favor the activity. Gracefully, she seated herself in one of the luxurious armchairs by the wall. 
    “I’ll need some time. They have a pretty complex system here.” Axel grunted. “Just dance or something.”
    As if on cue, Violet noticed a young man standing over her. He was probably over six feet tall, with the darkest eyes and blackest hair Violet had ever seen. 
    “Please. May I have this dance?” He spoke with a thick Russian accent. Violet hesitated, studying the man. He could either be a spy for the Society of Organized Criminal Affairs, or he could be a sincere environmental enthusiast. 
    If I dance with him, I can simultaneously spy on Alexander, and I’ll look less suspicious...She looked up at the man before her. “Sure.” The music began, and soon she was waltzing around the dance floor. In the corner, she spotted the man she was looking for. Alexander Belskin.
    His face hinted at his years, and he was suspiciously analyzing everyone in the room. He was not dancing, but stood leaning against the wall, whispering to the slender, red-haired girl. 
    “Vhat is your name?” Violet turned her attention back to her dance partner, her short blonde hair swishing against her face. 
    “Rose. And you are?” Her accent was perfect.
    “Nicholai.” He grinned, lines on his face deepening. 
    “I’m in! In three minutes, the security system will shut down for one minute only.” Axel’s voice came through the earpiece. 
    “Vhat?” Nicholai couldn’t hear Axel talking. 
    “Nothing. Sorry, I feel faint.” Violet made a dash for the snack station, abandoning her partner in the middle of the dance. She needed to plan.
    She heaped pelmenis onto a plate (food helped her think), filled a glass of kompot, and sat down at a table. She looked around for Alexander. Instead, she noticed Nicholai looking quite distraught as he sat alone, watching the dance. She pretended not to notice the young man and sampled one of the pelmenis. The pork filled dumpling was hot, and had been wonderfully executed. It was garlicky, with a hint of vinegar. The smooth wrapping slipped down her throat, and she quickly helped herself to more.
    "Grandma's were better," She reminisced distractedly. "But still scrumptious."
    “One minute. Find him. I’ll be there soon.” Axel reminded her of her mission. What was she doing, eating pelmenis? Violet spotted Alexander again. He wore an unblemished tuxedo, salt-and-pepper hair smartly slicked back. She gobbled up one more pelmeni and invited herself to Alexander’s table. 
    “Good evening, sir.” 
    “Hello, young lady. If you’re looking for a dance, I’m afraid I’m not up to it.” He spoke completely unaccented, and was very collected. He scrutinized Violet distrustfully. She turned her face away. 
    “I vas vondering, sir. Ze red-head, she is your daughter? She looks like friend I had in school.” 
    “Well, she couldn’t have been. Heather was born and raised in Scotland. And no, she is not my daughter.” Alexander smiled as though he knew an amusing secret (he probably did). Violet forced a laugh. 
    “Vi! Don’t make assumptions, number one rule!” her friend reminded her. Stop telling me what to do, Axel! 
Out of the corner of her eye, she could see him, standing off to the side. He signed to her, telling her she had forty seconds before the cameras shut off. She nodded at him. 
    “Vell, sir,” she said, standing. “Sorry to bother you.” She met Axel at another table. 
    “Looking good,” she told him. That was not only a compliment, but a code. Axel did look smart, with his new suit and gelled hair, but Violet meant that everything was going smoothly. 
    “You too,” Axel replied, and Violet knew what that meant. Twenty seconds. 
    A new dance began. Axel offered Violet his hand, and they glided across the floor. Suddenly, the golden lights shut off. A collective gasp rose from the confused dancers, fumbling blindly in the darkness. Axel and Violet departed from each other. Violet easily found Alexander with her night vision contact lenses. Awkwardly, she pretended to bump into him, reaching into his pocket and taking a hard drive. This hard drive contained all the plans of SOCA, of which this man was an important member. 
    She headed for the exit, counting thirty seconds left. She burst out the back door and into an alley, where she found Axel. He was sitting by the door, eating stolen pelmenis. Violet headed down the alley, with Axel staying behind. 
    “Redhead in pursuit. Fast. Good fighter.” Axel told Violet through the earpiece. But the girl was already upon her. She slammed Violet into the concrete. 
    “Oh, ye shouldnae have.” said the Scottish girl. “But thanks!” Violet tried to kick her away, but Heather blocked the blow. Violet stared into the emerald eyes sparkling wickedly at her, before they disappeared down the alley, taking the hard drive. 
    “Are you okay?” Axel helped her up. 
    “This was planned,” Violet gritted her teeth. “They knew.” 
    “Of course.” Axel rolled his eyes. 
    “Back to Moscow to plan a comeback.” 
SOCA=Society of Organized Criminal Affairs
This takes place in a dance hosted by the Club for Environmentally Concerned Individuals (CECI) as a fundraiser. 
Axel and Violet are spies/thieves that use their talents for good (kind of like Carmen Sandiego and Robin Hood).
Word count: 998

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