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my pen name is flora kane. i'm a slytherin, infp-t, christian, and generally insane. joined 3.30.2018.

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to the boy driving a white car:

November 4, 2020


A white car passed us on the street. It was the glasses that caught my eye. The driver’s glasses were the old type that is only now becoming popular again. What with the thick lenses and wire rims and oval shaped eye pieces. I could tell from the back of his head that he was my age, or a few years older. He had a passenger that looked a bit younger than him. They both had black hair. The passenger did not have glasses. 

Glasses boy, while participating in an animated conversation with the other, pulled up to the red light in just a way to cover his face from me. I inched forward in my seat, suddenly very interested in what he might look like. I can’t explain the curiosity. 

Urging the light to turn green, I knew I had to see the boy’s face, or I would wonder about it forever. That is the kind of imaginative state I was in. I was hoping for something strange to happen just for the story. 

At the red light, I see him type furiously on his phone. The phone was black, and the screen so dark, I was surprised he could see it, even though I, too, keep my brightness at that level. For thirty seconds or so, I watch him. 

When the light turns green, I stare intently at the back of his head. Surely he will not speed ahead and leave me wondering. No… He almost does not look up from the phone. When he does, finally, we are passing by. I glimpse the stubble of a man older than I thought originally, but no older than twenty. 

Something in my head wished that he was more attractive than reality gave me. In fact, the boy in the seat next to him had a better appearance. Oh, who am I to judge on his face? It was the blasted imaginings that got me turned the wrong way in my seat, with the belt tugging at my neck, straining to see if he ever would set the phone down. 

I’ll never know that, though I wished even harder than before that he would. I know the statistics. If glasses boy was destined to die in a wreck, I guess my hopes are futile. 

He looked up just in time to see the other cars moving. One day, I decided, that won’t be enough.
i wrote this a while ago, along with two others. if you'd like to see those sooner rather than later, tell me. it's an idea i'd love to see what you do with. essentially, i watched this boy for maybe thirty seconds, then decided to write a bit about them and what they were doing. what do you think?

also, i've been listening to the song her dreams by luca d'alberto. it's really inspired me to write, or at least think of some new stories. i suggest it:)


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  • Deleted User

    This is really funny! I was actually anticipating the revealing of his face the whole time I was reading!!! XD

    6 months ago
  • anemoia (#words)

    this is so intriguing. imagining who people are, who they might be, is both profound and beautiful and makes for excellent writing. i'd like to see the others also. and like mirkat said, those little interactions, if they're even an interaction, can be key moments. also, the last line kind of chilled me when i reread it.

    6 months ago
  • Paisley Blue

    ooh, i like this! :) great piece!

    6 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Wow, this is so profound in the simplest of ways... I'd love to see the other pieces too.

    6 months ago
  • dead account

    I noticed that some of your pieces involve cars, car crashes - is it a metaphor you really like to play around with, 'cause you use it in such a mature way with your writing. I love this piece.
    -minty leaf.

    6 months ago
  • mirkat

    wow, i like this. like you said it was only like 30 secs in real life, but i love how you lengthened it here. i always love those little interactions that seem like they mean nothing in life.... plz continue if you want! i'm curious to see where this thing goes.... also will listen to that song when i get the chance :D <3

    6 months ago