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Switching Identities (REVIEW FOR REVIEW!!!)

November 16, 2020

The radiant sun beamed across the sky, reflecting Josie's mood as she tore through the bustling crowds of people, her bare feet slapping against the hard, concrete ground. Nobody seemed to notice her, for the streets of downtown San Jose were always uneventful as always. Nor the furious honks of cars as they speed by the roads or the smoke-filled air seemed to disturb her excitement. She had just laughed freely like an angel, and continued on and on. Not before long did Josie notice a large, burly man heading straight towards her, but it was too late. The two bumped each other with such a force that knocked both of them on the ground.

"Sorry," she muttered, her voice as soft as a whisper. She quickly brushed off the dust that had settled on her ragged clothes, and began to stand up, but something flashing red beside her caught her eye. She reached down and grabbed the piece of red paper out of curiosity. Her eyebrows were knitted together, trying to make out the words on the paper-MISSING: Please help find Audrey! She raised her eyebrows at this, but what surprised her even more was the person in the photograph. Nothing was unusual about the person in general, she was just a normal girl who looked about 16 years old. However, when Josie stared into the photograph, she dropped the poster with a cry, her brown eyes bulging, while the girl on the poster stared back with the exact same face.

"This can't be happening," Josie drew a shaky breath and clutched her short, brown hair in fear. "She isn't me...I must be imagining things!" She looked down frantically at the poster on the ground, her heart beating rapidly, but still what looked back at her was her own face. Suddenly, blurred images of a family went through her head, and screams of young girls that were inaudible. Josie felt dizzy and lightheaded. "What is happening to me? Why-"

Her thoughts were interrupted by the man whom she had knocked down-and he was now holding the red poster and gawking at her. "Hey!" he yelled. "Isn't that you in the photograph?" When Josie turned to face him, his eyes immediately started darting back and forth from Josie and the girl in the photograph for quite a while, before his mustache gave a twitch. "Yeah, it is you!" he said more to himself than her. Without warning, he dug his phone out of his pocket and began dialing a number.

Josie was still frozen in place, her mind blank from everything that happened in the past few minutes when she realized what was happening. "Sir, you've misunderstood!" she cried, desperate. "She isn't me! I'm a different girl!" It was no use. A few minutes later after trying to convince the man, a taxi pulled up and she was forced into it with the man. Josie knew it would make no difference if she continued to persuade him, so she decided she would have to face whatever was ahead of her. And even for a young woman who had spent nearly her whole life in the dark prisons of orphanages, she was still scared.

It had been only 30 minutes when the taxi finally slowed to a stop, but for Josie it felt like several long hours. After the taxi had driven away, she lifted her head to face a towering mansion, and she had to cover her eyes from being blinded from the sparkling white stone. Wow, this is amazing!" she breathed, forgetting about all her worries and just staring at the wondrous structure. Before long, she was led into the property of the mansion, and it looked even more beautiful from close up. But when the grand, bronze doors were opened, Josie had a sickening feeling that the owner of this house was much further from beautiful.  

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  • Anlee

    so much tension in this story! wonderful <33

    7 months ago