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Switching Identities (REVIEW FOR REVIEW!!!)

November 11, 2020

It was a fine afternoon on the bustling streets of London when suddenly a teenage girl tore through the crowds of people, her bare feet slapping against the hard, concrete ground. She laughed freely, with a twinkle in her eye. She did not care about her tangled, short hair, her mud-caked feet, or her ragged clothes, for she just continued on and on. The girl absent-mindedly ran, without noticing a middle-aged man walking straight towards her-until she bumped into him and knocked him to the ground.

"Sorry, I'm really sorry!" apologized the girl as she bent down to help the man up. He glared at her and muttered something she could not hear. Biting her lip, she picked up a poster which had fell beside him, and was about to give it back when it caught her eye. In the center of the poster was a girl about 16 years old that looked exactly like her-labeled MISSING-Please help find Audrey! Reward is $10,000! "Huh?" the girl thought, "Why does she look so-"

"Hey, give me that!" The man snatched the poster out of her hand. He looked at the girl then at the poster, and frowned. "Hold on..." His eyes darted back and forth between the two, and the corner of his lips slowly turned up. "Yes, it's you!" he yelled. He grabbed the girl's arm and started running.

She stood there for a second, her mind blank, before she realized what was happening. "She isn't me! I'm not Audrey! I'm Josie!" she screamed. "Hey...wait!"

1 hour later...

Josie sat on a long, leather sofa, her arms and legs both tightly crossed. She tried to stay calm, but couldn't help breaking into a huge grin as she gazed in admiration of her surroundings. The huge crystal chandeliers, the clear marble tables, and the fancy decorations made her squirm in excitement. It was every orphan's dream to be in such a grand mansion, after all.

A woman sitting across from her was handing a thick wad of bills to the man who had brought Josie here. "Thank you so much," she said sternly, smiling thinly. Josie eyed her.

"She must be Audrey's mother." she thought, staring at the woman's expensive-looking jewelry, her tight, red dress, and her hair twisted neatly into a bun. "Who exactly is Audrey?" Josie was determined to find out who Audrey really was, and why she looked exactly like her.


Meanwhile, another girl was strolling farther and farther away from her home. "Audrey, you better be sure about this," she whispered to herself. "You can't turn back." She combed her long, brown hair with her fingers and sighed. Audrey hated the huge mansion that was her home for the past 12 years, her foster mother, who expected everything from her. She wasn't happy at all, and was sick of the life she was having. 

Before long, the sky had turned black. Her legs were burning from walking, and she was breathless. Audrey looked around and saw no one, nothing in sight. Her heart began to race, just as a light flicked on in the distance. She began to run towards the source of the light, as a glimmer of hope flickered on in her heart.

Audrey slowed down, panting when she reached the house which had the light on. She didn't know if this was right or wrong, but this was the only choice she had, for she had no other place she could stay for the night. She inched forward, step by step, until she stood right in front of the door. It took all her courage to raise her fist, and, to finally, knock.

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  • Liliana C.

    This is just an idea that popped into my head about twins that got separated when they were young and reunited years later. I wrote this excerpt randomly as a start of a novel, so I'm not exactly sure myself what happens next. I follow my imagination as I write!

    4 months ago
  • Alita Swift

    Two different girls that look the same? I gotta read this!!

    4 months ago
  • Ibex

    I'm actually really intrigued by this... what happens next?

    4 months ago