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hi i guess

How my brain works part 5

November 30, 2020


ME: Hey, Common Sense.

COMMON SENSE: You're actually acknowledging me for once?

ME: Uh, yeah? Why wouldn't I?

COMMON SENSE: *stares at me* You're joking, right?

ME: Haha. I literally don't know what you're talking about.

COMMON SENSE: Okay Rose. What do you want?

ME: What?

COMMON SENSE: Come on. I know you want something. You never just talk to me.

ME: That is so rid-

COMMON SENSE: Girl, save it.

ME: Fine. My brain & I were talking and...

COMMON SENSE: And what? Stop talking like a turtle. Nevermind, don't want to insult the turt-

ME: We want to kick you off of the series.

COMMON SENSE: Say what now?

ME: It's just... You're just... and we're like.

COMMON SENSE: How can you say that? *starts crying*

ME: You understood what I was saying? I was doing that thing where people don't finish their train of thought to get out of a conversation.

COMMON SENSE: *sobs* Of course I did! You were saying that I'm causing the ratings to go down and I don't bring enough revenue to "how my brain works". Therefore, I'm unfit to star with you and Brain!

ME: *confused* What? I mean yes, yes! You're exactly right! Sorry, but you've got to go.

COMMON SENSE: Okay. But I'll be back! Someday, I will be worthy enough for this series! *leaves while shaking fist towards the sky*

BRAIN: *enters eating popcorn* so... did you give... Common Sense the boot.

ME: Uhhuh.

BRAIN: How'd she take it?

ME: I don't know. She started talking about review-a-nu something.

BRAIN: *chewing noises* why didn' just tell her it's... because we don't like her?

ME: I don't know.

BRAIN: Well, we're both idiots, so maybe we do need her.

ME: *shrugs*
umm how's it going? *finger guns* pewpew.


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  • anemoia by a thread

    oh my gosh yes. this. i can't.
    re: ah, don't actually burn down the house! it's ok, i'll send the scones to you. i'll just, like, throw them really high in the air and hope the wind or a hawk catches them and knows exactly where to deliver them.
    wow, that sounded... insane. but that's what most of us are, so it makes sense.
    and i like your new username! i wrote it down so i don't forget all the participants. :)

    6 months ago
  • AliMuscles04

    XD I relate to this waaaaaaaay to much. I'm definitely going to read the others when I have time.

    6 months ago
  • SunV

    So: I have now realised why nothing I think of makes any sense.

    6 months ago
  • Stone of Jade

    also random but kinda on topic..have you heard the song Common Sense by Joshua Bassett? it's super good and really sweet.

    6 months ago
  • Stone of Jade

    oh my word i love this XD

    6 months ago