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Christine Betts

United States


Ten things I wish were true about growing up

April 29, 2015

1) The "Career Pathways" worksheet that you fill out in the 9th grade will guide you to the perfect life you've always imagined as a park ranger.

2) Everyone will support your desire to become a park ranger. 

3) You'll get asked to all of the school dances by only the cutest boys. 

4) You'll eventually grow into your height. One day all of the string bean comments will turn into tall glass of water ones.

5) The relationship advice you read in your teen magazines will be really helpful.

6) You'll get into all of the colleges you apply to.

7) You'll be able to afford all of the colleges you get into.

8) Society is telling the truth when they say you can do whatever you set your mind to. They don't place you in a box or have predetermined expectations.

9) Puberty is fun and won't slow your mile time down by a whole minute.

10) You don't really have to grow up if you're not ready for it. Though you may never be ready for it. 


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