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deal with it (the novel)

November 19, 2020

                                                     CHAPTER 1

ring! ring! ring! mia woke up to the sound of her phone ringing. wait a second. she didn't have a phone. she turned her head to look the way the ringing noise was coming from. there, sitting on her desk, was the newest version of the strawberry phone. she glanced at who the heck was calling her and saw the name mommy. she clicked the answer button and her mom's voice came out of it "hey honey, just wanted to say Merry Christmas, I won't be back from the mission I'm on for the president until January 2nd so happy holidays as well" and there was a beep, and her mom's voice was gone. she got up and headed out of her room. once she got out, she saw piles and piles of presents under the tree and her brother had already started opening his. "hey dad?" she said "yes honey?" he said back from the direction of the bathroom " who's phone is this?" she asked "it's yours now" he added and with that, she felt a rush of excitement flow through her at the fact of what he said "dad?" said mia puzzled by something "yes" he answered kindly " If I just got this phone, how did mom call me?" she asked, " well your mom programmed it into your phone so she could wake you up today". her mom was part of the secret service and was undertaking the care and protection of the newly assigned president Ben Gordman because her best friend Lilly got the Jana virus, and she had that position. after gift unwrapping was over, she went back to her room, reading the new novel she got, Sana Halston, the moon sighter, and it was quite interesting. she felt a ping in her stomach. she had been having weird cramps for the past few days and she was clueless about what they were. 

                                                         CHAPTER 2

3 days later, she went back to school, bragging about it to her friends. " ya, latest version, it works so fast!" she bragged. yesterday she had been surprised to find something interesting in her underpants a red substance oddly like blood. she had screamed and the entire bathroom exploded "with are you ok?" she replied with "ya, but I just started my period" her friend Abby said "do you need a pad, I've got one right here" and she passed a green wrapped package under the door. "thanks" she said, unwrapping it and placing inside her underpants. she unlocked the stall doors and washed her hands. she was in 7th grade at passion education junior high, and zion ( her crush) is in the same class as her. she made her way out of the bathroom and immediately ran into a boy in the hallway. it was zion "h-h-hey zion," she said nervously "hey! you wanna hang out at the expresso express later?" he asked "sure!" she said lovingly. had she just been asked out, and not just by anyone, but zion! she went in the direction of her first class with her head held high.

                                                          CHAPTER 3
later that day, she head over to expresso express, excited for the coming event. with every step she took, the butterfly in her stomach became 2 butterflies, then was when she took the step into the coffee shop and saw him sitting there that all the butterflies that had multiplied into a million flew away, taking her doubt and nausea with them. "hey" she said calmly sitting down "hey" he said back. "so..." he added, clearly butterflies had not taken his nausea and doubt; just then the barista came up to her with a notepad in her hand. she looked to be about mia's age, and she vaguely recognized her from school. mia thought that she might be... one of zion's exes. "I'll take a mocha," said zion " I'll have the same" mia added.

                                               CHAPTER 4
a little later the barista came back with their mocha's, throwing mia a deathly look. "zion?" mia asked "yes baby?" said zion " isn't that your ex?" she asked. "yes. that's Anne" he answered, "why did you break up with her?" she asked "well, she was a gold digger and she cheated on me" he answered. they had finished their coffee without noticing. she got up, and he got up as well. he moved closer, saying "we... we have a strong connection with each other.... do you feel it?" "yes... yes I do" she answered, still moving closer. suddenly, they were as close as they could be, bodies pressed up upon each other, close enough to kiss. heads moving slowly, their lips met, still pressing upon each other they were kissing, kissing like they really loved each other. the barista, Anne, came back from the kitchen and screamed. " I thought... you still felt for me!" she screamed. they broke apart, zion storming up to her. "no! after what you did to me, I would never take you back." and stormed back over to me grabbed my chin, still glaring at Anne, and we were kissing again. she screamed some more and then ran out of the shop, leaving zion and mia still kissing furiously.
                                           CHAPTER 5
    they kept kissing until they broke apart about a couple of minutes later "I love you, baby!" he said "see you later" she replied and heart lifted. she remembered that day like it was yesterday. their first date. she had finished college now, and she was going to that coffee shop today again, as an anniversary date. it was their 7th year together, and guess what? Anne still is working at the coffee shop. they head over to the expresso express, they got there, and Anne took their usual. they were talking about how they want to get a dog and mia realized that today was her period week and she needed to change her tampon. " I'm gonna go to the bathroom," she said. when she came back zion had something in his hand  " we have known each other since kindergarten and dated for 7 years, and I think it time--" he got down on one knee "mia johnson? will you marry me?" he asked "yes! omg yes!" he slid the ring on her finger, and kissed her, more furiously than ever. Anne, who had been frozen in shock once she realized what was happening,  dropped the glass she was supposed to be cleaning and ran out of the shop crying.

                                      CHAPTER 6
a few weeks later, after they had planned the wedding, and it was 2 days before the wedding, they went to the expresso express, and Anne was still there. they ordered the usual, and they drunk it down. they were taking a walk in the park when she started feeling odd, but she didn't think much of it. when she got home later that night, her odd feeling was much, much worse. she could not sleep that night and the next day she was puking every 20 minutes. she made her way to the Walgreens on the corner street to get medicine and she was walking across the road when Anne's car hit me. my life was over, and I was dying, and then WHAM! she was hit. and she woke up panting drenched in a cold sweat, in the same clothes she was wearing when it all started. she checked the date on her alarm clock and yup, it had all been a dream, but next to the clock--- ring! ring! ring!
word count: 1266
special thanks to thespellchecksurvivor for writing a peer review and giving me some idea's
and guys, tell me if I should make a sequl

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