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I Feel So Helpless

November 4, 2020


It's the fateful night I feel so helpless.
I want the dawn, yet need the comfort of darkness.
I want the end, but can't bear the ending.
It's the fateful night I feel so helpless.

Why can't the stars shine forever, I want the dawn.
I can't bear the feeling, of being so helpless.
I can't see the light, yet I believe it may be there.
Why can't the stars shine forever, I want the dawn.

I feel so helpless. I don't want the night.
I feel so helpless. I want it over.
I feel so helpless. I can only pray.
I feel so helpless. God help us.


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  • November 4, 2020 - 12:14pm (Now Viewing)

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  • anemoia (#words)

    It's hard to trust God on this, isn't it? I didn't want to comment on your other piece, since it's filled with well-crafted, long, opinionated comments, but... it's such a layered issue. I've agreed with myself not to get "political" on here (that's just not my goal, although i think I could write a convincing and logical political piece) but I did also agree to stick to my beliefs and not be afraid to share them respectfully. It amazes me that you posted the Election post; extraordinarily brave! It did seem risky, though... I just don't understand how someone can be so filled with hate for any one person. I mean, someone like Hitler or Mussolini, maybe. But none of us experiences their actions, so it's easy to detach yourself from that and call them vile and despicable. But it's sad that hatred and division drives many actions these days. And I have no answers. None of us really have a solid plan on how to run one of the most prosperous nations in the world, full of freedoms and diversity uncommon in most of the world. And we're teenagers, which doesn't discount anything we believe or our passions—but it does limit us in life experience. Of course, experience is only worthwhile if you learn something, but even so, only having between 13 and 18 years of life doesn't exactly qualify us to make all of these decisions early on. This got a little ranty, sorry. I guess... everyone needs to just step back and breathe. Realize that we're all people. Extend mercy. And react to every situation with logic and thinking, not emotions. Emotional reactions, I think, are a HUGE issue that creates tension for everyone. Emotions are beautiful and terrible. They're infinitely important and can be destructive. And they have their places. Too often, emotions are the main determining factor in decisions that they have no business being in.
    ok, stopping now... if you ever need fandomness, book talk, aesthetic appreciation, book recs, or feedback, just ask! we're all young writers, trying to do something we love. right?

    6 months ago
  • connor.davis

    I wish you the best and want to let you know you aren't the only one going through things and I can offer help if you need it.

    6 months ago
  • Just_A_Memory

    "I want the dawn, yet need the comfort of darkness."

    Felt that

    6 months ago
  • bookmagic

    This is beautiful and very true about many things.

    6 months ago
  • Rachaelgrace

    This is really beautiful!!!
    Re: Yesss! Sounds good! I’ll hopefully read them both and tell you when I do.

    6 months ago