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Unrevealed as of yet since this is a prologue, but: found family! Sometimes a family unit involves a demon mom and her ruthless genius son.

These Unbidden Contracts

November 17, 2020

Helia’s tongue flicks against her canines. Her teeth break the skin of her tongue, and the rusty tang of blood fills her mouth. She swallows, relishing in its flavor. Admittedly, it is a grounding presence.

But also, as she knows: always very intimidating to humans. Such as the one standing before her.

“You’re here,” the little boy says, wondrous. Wondrous, but not surprised, nor afraid. They stand at a crossroads—the boy on one side of the train tracks, Helia crouched on the other. He seems so young. Helia thinks he is but a blink of an eye in comparison to her many centuries.

“Salutations,” Helia greets pleasantly, lips curving into a wicked smile. She waits for him to flinch. He does not. 

“Good morning,” he returns, not smiling. Without hesitating, he adds, “I’m here to form a contract.”

Helia isn’t surprised. She’s been through this before—rinse and repeat. Another man seeking wealth, fame, love. Their first mistake begins when they seek it in the arms of a demon, and demons are ever so promising, but they are not kind. Guilt does not weigh her down—she’s above such sentiments. But curiosity—Helia is curious.

Helia hums, amused. “How old are you?”

“There is no age limit to a bond,” the boy says.

Helia stands up languidly and takes a step forward. He doesn't step back, but he's much shorter than her, tilting his head back to maintain eye contact. “And how would you know this?”

“I know your kind,” the boy responds. There’s a glint in his eye—one that Helia has seen before: hunger that burns brighter than holy flames. 

“Then you must know that my kind,” she leans down slowly, tapping a clawed finger against his chest, “do not form contracts in fruitless endeavors.”

“Your kind has mingled in countless relationships with humanity for as long as time. I don’t see why this encounter is any different.”

Helia lets a mirthless laugh escape her lips. She considers gripping his chin, pressing her fingers together until she draws blood to hear how he squeals. But no—not yet. She finds this human rather intriguing. “You are a boy. Not even a man.”

“I show more promise than men twice my age,” he says. There’s thinly veiled pride in it, but more certainty than anything. Unparalleled conviction. “You’re willing, are you not?”

“I will consort with you,” Helia concedes. She licks her canines. Truthfully, she’s been itching for another contract as of late. The earth must have changed so much in the past century. “What do you offer, brave one?”

“The blood of a hundred demon slayers,” he answers, eyebrow quirking upwards. His eyes dart to her collarbones, nodding his head at the brand resting at their base. “The ones who gave you that.”

A spark ignites in Helia’s chest. Demons care little for emotions like bitterness or hurt—but revenge is a delicacy, and a welcome outlet for their restless nature. She’s impressed by the child’s ability to recognize as such. Realizes how much research he must have done.

“In exchange for my servitude?” Helia eyes his wrist hungrily, the place where their bond mark would burn on his skin. 

“In exchange for your assistance,” he replies, smooth. “You accompany me so long as I live, correct?”

“Unless rather unfortunate circumstances come in the way,” she affirms. “I smell vengeance wafting off of you, little one. A hunger for it. Do you ask for spilt blood by my hand?”

“Not quite so simple,” he says. His eyes, dark and calculative, narrow into slits. “But, really: yes. I have unsettled matters.”

Helia shifts, the air still around her even as she moves to stand behind the boy. She grows more and more pleased by the second. Her charcoal bones click in their joints. “Then we are the same, child. Does it delight you? To share the desires of a demon?”

“We‘re leagues apart in some areas, and one and the same in others. It’s why I require you instead of taking on these challenges myself.”

Helia inhales the scent of greed wafting off the boy. It fills her lungs, so she closes her eyes and revels in it. She murmurs, “Humor me, Bondbearer. What makes you and I different?”

“I don’t ask questions I don’t know the answers to,” he answers, looking straight ahead, shoulders set. 

“Do you think me a fool, then?” Helia asks genuinely, but she cares not for the answer, nor is she indignant. 

“No,” he answers, truthful. “But you have a match in me, demon. We would do well to form a bond with someone of equal stature—each other.”

“You don’t know how many men have told me the same,” she states. She crushed each one of their hearts in her fist. Tissue was a delicate thing, and she cared not for how fragile and temporary the life of her Bondbearer was. “They were all men that dwarfed you in many aspects considerably.”

“I suppose we’re both in for a surprise, then,” he says. Then, the boy holds out his hand. “Do we have a deal?”

Helia looks down at his hand. She hums, and the air around them suddenly grows much too loud. “Your name, brave one?”

“Rowan,” he says. She runs a tongue over her fangs, pleased, and places her hand palm upwards in his.

Helia’s eyes must glint crimson, because his gaze flies across her face for any signs of displeasure. He must be too young to understand that the pain of a demon and its pleasure in bloodthirst are almost one and the same. “You will not ask me to offer my name in return?”

He gives a knowing smile at that, turning to reach for a pocketknife from his backpack’s pockets: likely to draw the blood that the bonding ritual requires. She does not flinch, tail flicking curiously behind her.

“Helia,” Rowan says, sounding like he’s restraining his excitement. Helia gives a wicked smile. “I don’t ask questions I do know the answers to, either.”
Rowan's a child genius, though I think that was clear, and Helia is the centuries-old demon that he seeks to form a bond with. Both have their motives, which are yet to be revealed. (And between you and me, they may find family in the most unexpected of places!)


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  • elliem

    Sunny, I love this idea so much! Dang, I'd love to see where this is going. Are you continuing it? :) Best of luck in the competition, darling.

    6 months ago
  • Paisley Blue

    Re: thank you so much for explaining respectfully. I really appreciate it. I did read Norah's piece, which also helped. I still don't like the saying itself but now I understand it. Thank you :)
    Hope youre having a good day/night/evening!

    6 months ago
  • lochnessie

    re: haha thank you! he's got wisconsin and arizona and Michigan (my whole English class erupted in cheers when Michigan went blue XD) so fingers and toes and tails and scales and sunny-swords crossed

    6 months ago
  • lochnessie

    hey sunny! wishing all my american wtw friends best of luck for today. my science teacher cancelled the class so we could watch the electoral map. honestly, everyone here is more vocal about this than our own elections. anyway, apologies for another ness mess, love and lamingtons <3

    6 months ago
  • clair de lune

    wow—this is... wonderfully written. it's such a fascinating premise, and i adore the writing style <3 i'm intrigued by the potential of the story! cx

    6 months ago
  • Paisley Blue

    Oh my goodness THIS IS INSANE!!!!!!! :DDD Seriously i loved this so freaking much!!!!!! If this doesn't get recognized I'm gonna explode. Wow!
    And re: thanks for all the support, dear :) glad I could make you laugh! School... well, it'll always be there. I'm just taking it week by week, trying to write in between :) i hope the load lightens up for you, too! Mmm, who knew virtual tea was just as warming as real tea? I don't need any sugar, no :D hope your day is going well! <33

    6 months ago
  • lochnessie

    and re: *exhales loudly* thank goooodnesss i mean not a great look for America that the two candidates are geriatric white men but YES. and THAT was my clearest least messy ness mess today. learning how to express my opinions respectfully since 2007. as a fetus. there you go.

    6 months ago
  • chrysanthemums&ink

    DF:ISJD:FLKJSD:LKFJSD YESSSSSS I WAS ABOUT TO ASK YOU- bruh if this doesn't at least get an honorable mention idk anymore.

    6 months ago
  • AJ - Izzy

    This is... wow. I... wow. I'm speechless. You've written an incredibly vivid description of their personalities, I can hear the tone and attitude in their voices, that's amazing! I'm so curious what comes after this, it's incredibly captivating. Good luck in the competition!! :)

    6 months ago