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One day in my life.

November 2, 2020

  Quinlana woke early to feed the animals and pulled herself out of bed and into her old rough jumpsuit made for feeding animals and climbing barns. She pulled her long dark hair our of her eyes and picked up the water basket walking over to the well and pumping to get the water flowing. She then connected it to the pipe and got it heading down to the pigs, horses and chickens. Quinlana was thirteen years old with dark black hair and big brown eyes. She lived with her auntie and uncle on there farm. She earned her keep by getting up early and feeding the animals and helping with the chores. Then she went to school. They lived in Turkey in a small farm near the northern edge. Quins parents had been killed in town and she'd been passed on to her aunt and uncle after her cousins rejected her. Quin grabbed her boots and ran down the muddy road to the pig pen to feed them pulling the gate open and hauling some feed over from one corner. She dumped it into the feeding dish and the pigs ran at it. She hurried out and went to the horses next. They were all mostly asleep except for her favorite. Moonlight the darkest stallion. He was Quins by far favorite with his temper and prowess. Once she finished kissing his nose she then went to the chicken coop. They were all awake and screeching and she covered her ears as she went. Once she'd finishes her rounds she went in for breakfast which her auntie was cooking. It smelled like bacon and eggs from the delightfully smells wafting through the open door. She ran in dropping her boots and running to wash her hands before sitting down and waiting to be served. Her plate was passed and she dug into the warm eggs and nice crunchy eggs. It was only around eight but it took her at least half an hour to get to school so she grabbed her bag took another big bite of egg and ran out the door. She did not want to be late again.  She made her way down the drive to meet up with Evie her next door nabours who was in her class and the closest thing to a friend she had. Evie loved to talk and gossip though quin didn't really mind. She wasn't popular or had any friends so she liked to hear about what others got up to. Evie started on about some guy and the math this week and soon quin had ignored her. She was watching the land change from farming to small houses to bigger nabourhoods to the giant town houses with there turrets and rich people walking down the streets. Even if turkey was a very poor country some still lived like kings. They were on the safer side of turkey. The other was at war with some other country that she had forgot the name of almost as soon as she'd heard it. They got to school and Evie went off to gossip with some other girls. Quin looked around. The park was empty except for a couple boys yelling and messing around on it. Most people huddled in groups and talked about each other. The teacher opened the door yelling at children to quiet down and head inside. We step inside taking up our desks waiting for our teacher who was old and grumpy on good days. He had grey hair and scruff on his chin. His back hunched and a sour look on his face. He motions for us to sit and we do some still gabbering on. We have no windows in our classroom. Just four walls and a blackboard. The other classrooms might not even have that. I'm lucky to even be in school normally by now I'd have been sold off to some person but auntie wants me to have a life. In just one week we are selling the farm to move to Canada. Across the ocean which I've only ever seen once. When my mother took me when I was still a baby. I sigh and smile as I let my mind drift. To be free. To make new friends. The gun shots stardle me out of my day dream. "get down" the teacher yells and everyone hits the floor. We've done this so many times it feels like roll call or just another part of the normal day life. The person walks through the class next to us and I can hear crying children and rough voices. The man leaves soon after. Later I hear it was one of the soldiers from the war side. Evie gives me the news when we walk home. The man was just the first of many. The wars moved up and has come to us. School was just the first to go. Next will be food and our family's. When I get home auntie is in the bedroom a suitcase in her hand her face in tight lines. "pack your bags Quinlana we are leaving" my eyes wide I quickly pack up my most valuable positions and put them in the case. Then I go to the table where our other stuff is. Uncle grabs the bags and throws them in his truck his face all hard angles and rough edges. "get in" he says as auntie hops into the front. I get in the back and he hits the gas peddle. Soon we are on the road and a couple hours later I wake to the truck stopping. We are here. At the ocean. Soon to be free. 
I'm an inexperienced writer. I do not know much about turkey so if I got it wrong I'm sorry. 


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  • Abigail Faith

    I love how you started with the farm scene, I really got to see Quin's soft side with the animals. It made me like her a lot :)

    3 months ago