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Lupus Maximus

November 21, 2020

    It was a fine spring night. I stepped outside our family's mansion in Beaverton, Oregon. Despite only four people living in the house, it has at least eight bedrooms and five bathrooms. Anyway, the day was beautiful, all the cherry trees in our front yard were in full bloom and the pansies that my mother planted for my sister's arrival were soaking up the last rays of the sun for the day. I could smell the warm air coming on its way. I looked up the weather this morning and it says low 70s all week long. That's very unusual for springtime in Oregon. 

    “Alec, get your butt back inside. Your sister will be back any minute and we still have to decorate the table. Teenagers these days.” My mother has always loved my sister to the fullest of her capability. But for me, I'm just the son that disgraces the family every living day. I'm not exactly sure why, but my mother thinks of me as a disgrace. 

    “She's here, she's here,” says my little sister, Uma. She’s 10 but acts like she’s older than me, and I’m sixteen.  “We haven't seen her in like, like, 7 months.” 

     I could see the excitement on Uma’s face as my other sister Kirana stepped out of her blue Mustang.    Kirana slams the door, upsetting our dog. I always had a connection with that dog, but now it was very nervous. I think Winter is afraid of Kirana, now that I think about it. 

    “Jesus Christ, the drive over was sooooo long. It was sooo BORING.” That's Kirana for ya, complaining about everything. 

    “You're the one that wanted to go to a school in Ohio” I muttered under my breath. 

    “What the heck did you just say to me, you little brat” Kirana yells back. How did she hear that? 

    “Nothing,” I said back to her. She just turned around and began to talk to my mom, dad, and Uma again. 

    I slowly backed away from the conversation and went into the kitchen for something to drink. Hopefully, there is a cold tea in the refrigerator. Well, there wasn't. I sulked into my room on the second floor. I have to pass five bedrooms and two bathrooms before I get to mine. But before I get there, I notice my mom’s office door is open, just a crack, but enough for me to see what's on her table. It was a picture of a man I've never seen before. This man had light brown hair like mine, green eyes, and a strong build. I mean this guy must work out at the gym almost every single day. If I've never met this guy then why is his picture on my mom’s work desk.

    “Get the hell out of my office.” I quickly turned around and saw my mom standing right behind me. 

    “I'm so sorry,” I said back to her. One of my mom's biggest rules of the house is never to go into her office. I slowly back out, take one last glance at the strange man, and hurry back to my room. I can’t believe that my mom can be so mean to me.  I am her child after all.
This is my story. The ending is going to be epic. 


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