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Here is chapter two. Read chapter one if you haven't yet! Hope you like it!

Chapter Two of Final Breath

November 16, 2020


He hopped into his car that was parked, alongside the road, right in front of our house. I joined him and watched as he pulled the key out of his pocket and put it in the ignition. The car came to life with a loud roar. The engine purring just like a big cat.
    "Okay," he said as he pulled onto the road. "Any ideas on where we can go?"
    I stopped to think for a moment. Anywhere we go would lead to death unless we went to a place without oxygen, but then we couldn't breath. No matter where we went, we ended up dying.
    I shook my head at him. I truly had no idea where we could go.

    We have been driving for a while now. Out here the air was fresh, with no hint of toxic gas. We out ran it for now, but it wouldn't be long before it caught up.
    "So how does it change the structure of air?" I had to talk over the wind as it rushed past us.
    "I have no idea. All I know is that its this gas that changed the genetic code and it spreads until it can't anymore, meaning until it has consumed all the air it can find."
    "So no matter where we go, it'll catch up."
    "Unless we go to a place where there is no oxygen."
    "But then we will die from not being able to breath."
    "Not if we can take clean oxygen somewhere and make more of it."
    "Where on Earth could we do that?"
    "Nowhere on Earth."
    I snapped my head around to look at him. He tried to read my face but gave up quickly. There were so many thoughts flying through my head. He wants to go to space. To live. In space. It seems impossible. But if we get plants... then maybe... there was a way...
    "I know what you are thinking. That it can't be done."
    "Actually... it might work. There are many things that could go wrong, like having the plants survive the flight, and many others.... hmm." I thought for a bit. "What if we just made a new gas that could correct the genetic code stuff?"
    He didn't answer right away, but when he did he said, "It's possible, if we find the right people."
    "So we have tree options. Stay here and die, make a new gas, or go to space."
    I could see the doubt written all over his face. And then a say a small tear trickled down his cheek.
    "Hey, it's going to be alright."
    "I could have stopped it, but I didn't. I have the option to destroy it, and I didn't do it. So many people are dead because of me."
    "No! They aren't dead because of you. They are dead because of the people that made the machine. You helped the best you could, and now we know what it is an how it works. You can help save us all."
    We didn't say anything the rest of the ride. I just watched the scenery dance. The trees swaying to the music of the wind. The birds sing along. It was a very peaceful sight. One small good thing to a tragic day. 

    "We need to find a place to sleep. And we need to eat."
    "Are there any motels nearby?" I asked.
    "Pull up a map on your phone and find out."
    I did. I saw one about seven miles away, and showed it to him. He nodded and kept driving.
    "Hey, Jack?" He seemed surprised for me to call him by his name.
    "Can you stop the car?" I asked looking out the window.
    "Just do it."
    He slowly stopped the car and I got out. I thought I saw something hidden in the trees. I skimmed my eyes over them until I found it.
    "Jack, look! It's a tree house. And it looks abandoned."
    He finally got out of the car and joined me. I pointed it out to him.
    "It seems like the perfect place to spend the night!" I exclaimed.
    "Fine. Just for one night, we need to hurry."

    We walked over to it and it was, in fact, deserted. However, it was very clean and looked to be in great shape. 
    I climbed up the stairs and opened the door. It was beautiful. Jack immediately plopped down on the bed. I followed and did the same. 
    "Hey, Jack?"
    "Thank you."
    He rolled over and faced me. "For what."
    "For loving me."
    He smirked and said, "I've learned its impossible not to."
    I reached my head out and kissed him. His hand push firmly on my back, bringing me closer to him. I ran my hand through his hair as he reached for another kiss. He rolled over so his back was against the bed. I sat up and moved so I was on top of him. He grabbed my hips, his hands moving up and down my back.
    "We shouldn't do this," I said jokingly.
     He grinned. "Tragedy brings out the worst in us."


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