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Sad story (not true)

November 28, 2020

This is my life, I’ll tell you how it went

I’m a only child, I know it seems cool and all but it’s not. It’s sucks. I’m always lonely and I don’t have any friends
 “that girl is so weird” I’ve heard that mumbled thousands of times. It’s always circling in my head, round and round. Like I’m not allowed to forget about it. 
 “they don’t know what weird is” I always wanted to say somet back but I never felt like it was a good idea. I felt like it would get way worse. Sometimes being alone was good but there were times I wished I had a older sibling to be around.
 “What would it be like if I had a older sibling?” I always knew deep down that this was only going to get worse. 
 I guess I forgot to mention this my name is Luna, I’m the newest generation of the Moon family. I don’t know if there will be any one after me but if there is I promise that I will make sure they aren’t bullied. 
 “I wish people would leave me alone” I enjoy my alone time but when I’m in school that doesn’t exist. I have a target on my back and it’s not going any where anytime soon. 
 “Look at that loner” that’s what I hear now. 
 “Why does this always happen? Every new school I go to, every grade. It never ends” that’s the new thought that runs through my head now. My childhood was horrid too.
 “Oh Luna dear, everything will be just fine” my parent would always tell me, now I’m alone. I’m an orphaned teenager. I guess it will be alright though, I’ve been alone for about three years now. The only way I survive is I just avoid people.
 “Okay, if I go this way and don’t talk to people I will get to school and not talk to other students then I won’t be seen” I have maps of the school grounds and the town. It helps me keep away from people. Makes my life so much easier. 
 The only thing that makes my life easy is that I finally made a friend, Lana. She’s the only one that understands what I am like and how it feels to be bullied on a daily basis.
 I got out of the hospital a couple of weeks ago, I should have mentioned this earlier but I didn’t want to think about it. The smell of the medicine and the beeping gives me nostalgia. The last time I saw my dad was when he was in the hospital, they had to pull the plug on him cause he wasn’t going to make it. Then a two years ago my mom died and that was it, I was alone. Then I finally met Lana and she helped me carry this weight. I can’t believe my life spiraled downwards only three  years ago. 
 “So if I head this way from now on and keep my head low I won’t be sent to the hospital again... hopefully” I look over my maps and mark out my classrooms over the three floors. 
 This is how I live my life now, every waking moment is another nightmare I have to go through. It’s normal now, it’s normal for me to be this way. No one noticed what happened. 
 “This way is the safest for me” that’s what I would always tell myself. Now and forever. I don’t remember a time where I didn’t have to believe that. That was the only way I could survive. 
 “This is how I’m supposed to live I guess” this truly was my life now. 
 I sat down on my bed and looked at the wall. That’s all I had to do now. I had nothing better going on. I was only waiting for my chance to change my life. Little did I know.
 That was already happening. 

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