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I revised it! Is it any better? I'm 50 words away from the word limit now xD

The Survivors | Final

November 13, 2020

"Auggie!" my younger sister shouted, walking into my room. "Are you ready to go?"

"I'm like... right here," I grumbled, zipping up my suitcase. "No need to scream in my ear." I glanced around my room, looking for any last-second items I may have missed. She didn't say anything, so I looked over at her. Her lips were moving, but no sound was coming out. "Thanks for shutting up," I said cheerfully, flashing my most charming smile at her.

She huffed, brushing her artificially blonde waves out of her face. "No need to be so rude. Mom and Dad have got everything in the car, except for you and your luggage. Hurry up."

"They've got Autumn too?" I asked, mentioning our beagle. They said we could bring the dog with us this time if we behaved, to which Ashley and I agreed. Ashley nodded, grabbing my carry-on off my bed and walking out of the room. I surveyed the room one last time before following her. 

The day was warm, with a slight breeze that rustled the leaves of nearby trees. Mom and Dad were tapping their feet impatiently as I exited our house, Autumn weaving between them like a circus animal. Dad took my case from me and shoved it into the back of our van, mumbling to himself about getting a bigger car. I hopped into the car, sliding into the leather seat and patting my lap so Autumn would join me. 

"Alright," my mom said, handing Ashley and me a bag of snacks. "Those should last you two hours." I immediately went for the Oreos. Dad plopped himself in the driver's seat and got the car started, looking in his rear view mirror before pulling out of the driveway. "Say 'goodbye' to the house!" mom exclaimed, waving at our home. Ashley and I just rolled our eyes and continued to munch on our food.

Two hours later, we pulled into the airport, checked in our luggage, and boarded our flight. We were heading to Hawaii to spend summer with our aunt and uncle. I was seated next to my annoying sister, but at least I had Autumn with me to distract her. Since the dog was originally my idea, I was in charge of taking care of him. Only twenty minutes after boarding, we were off. 

Ashley talked to me continually for the first hour of the flight, but stopped when she realized I wanted nothing to do with her. I decided to take a nap, since we had many more hours ahead of us. I woke up a mere hour later, looking at my lap which was covered with potato chips, and then at my sister, who glared at me, her blue eyes angry. "I have to go to the bathroom, idiot," she hissed, slapping me upside the head. "Let me out."

"Geez! Give me a second, you demon!" I started to move, unfastening my seat belt and stepping out of our section, but froze when the plane jolted to the side, a loud boom resounding through the cabin. Wide-eyed, I looked at mom and dad, who were sitting up, alert. 

The speakers chimed, and the captain started speaking. "One of our left engines has been terminated. We ask that you do remain calm as we continue towards our destination. Thank you."

Ashley looked ready to pee herself, but that could just have been her needs instead of her fear. Autumn growled, jumping at me, seeking comfort. "It's okay, boy," I cooed, sitting down once Ashley left and inviting him onto my lap. "Good boy! Good, good boy!" Soon, Autumn's tail was wagging, and he was able to go back to sleep. I, however, was unable to. Then, the plane jerked again, and I yelped, looking out the window. The right engines look fine. The cabin tipped to the left. 

"Code red! Code red!" the pilot yelled into the coms. The weird mask things they show you how to use, but you never listen to fell from the ceiling, and I immediately knew that we were doomed. People grabbed their masks, and ran for the emergency doors. Some of them, in panic, jumped from the plane, falling fast into the water below. I screamed, terrified. I wrapped myself around Autumn, and the dog barked, nuzzling into me. I thought about sending him to find Ashley, but figured he was best with me. Ashley was in the back bathroom, probably trying to hurry it up so she could get out. I was utterly terrified. Not only for myself, but for my family, and everyone else on board.

As quick as the plane was to get in the air, it was quicker to fall into the rough waters. I hardly remembered the impact, but it was jarring, and really, really painful. Water flooded the cabin, and I darted for the open door, hoping to escape. I did my best to haul Autumn through the water, but the task proved too much for my wimpy arms and legs. I guess I should have taken gym more seriously. I sobbed as I let my beagle go, and ran for the door again, going underwater to slip our of the aircraft. We were too far down. 

I used everything I had to push to the surface, but the harder I swam, the farther safety became. Finally, I gave up, letting my body become loose and accepting defeat. I needed air. I really, really needed air, but I refused to feel the pain in my lungs. Just before I drifted into oblivion, I felt a tug, and a figure blotted out the shadowed sunlight. I was being taken home. I smiled lightly as darkness embraced me with cold, unfeeling arms.

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    I love this so much, i reallly want a part 2! This is so well written and if you made this into a full novel i would 100% buy it. Part 2 please!!

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    No, not Autumn! Ahhh, I need more! Amazing writing, so captivating and well written!

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    Chapter 14 is here for Never Really Real!

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    I love this! Your revision is great and it only got better!

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    this is so good! Great revision!!

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