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I did a prompt where I wrote this story but only with 300 words. I liked it too much that I had to continue it. So, I kept writing it and changed some it it to make it into a novel.

Chapter One of Final Breath

November 16, 2020


"That's it. That's the last piece." The man was standing over this type of machine. It was big and had so many parts. I had no idea how catastrophic this machine would later become.
    "Good. I'll tell the boss."
    We watched over the two men. The first one kept inspecting the machine, while the second one walked away.
    "What is that?" I asked. My mind filled with all the possibilities.
    "It's trouble."
    The first man finished his inspection and gave himself a hug.
    "Oh you beautiful genius. Your name shall go down in history as the mastermind that ended the world. Although there won't be a world left.... but who cares." He shrugged and walked the same way as the second man.
    "You need to go home. I'll try to figure out what this thing is and try to destroy it."
    "No," I said, blocking his path. "If you are going then I am too."
    "No, Lana you have to go home. I'll meet you in the town square in an hour. Promise me you'll go home." He lifted up my chin making me look at him.
    "Okay. I promise. Be safe."

    I got back home not long after. I kept thinking about what that man said. How could one machine, that's only about a foot tall, destroy the whole world?

    Did I hear my name?
    That time I most definitely did.
    "LANA! Where are you!"
    I rushed out to town square. He was running towards me.
    "Oh thank goodness I found you. Come on we have to get out of here."
    "What's wrong? What happened?"
    "That machine is dangerous and we need to get as far away from it as possible. I overheard them talking and they said they are bringing it here," He looked so worried. "So we have to get out of here now!"
    "What about the people! We have to warn them!"
    He didn't respond, but his stubborn look was a response in itself.
    I crossed my arms and said, "I'm not leaving without warning them."
    He rolled his eyes and said, "Fine." He hopped up onto a car and shouted at the top of his lungs, "Everyone listen up! I overheard people talking about a machine that could wipe out all of us. There's no time to waste! Everyone has to get out of here now!"
    The people in the square looked at him, annoyed. Then, they just continued what they were doing. I even heard one of them say, "Crazy boys and their dumb pranks," as she shook her head.
    I didn't know what else to do.
    He hopped down from the car.
    Just then, I saw the two men carrying the machine.
    "There're here."
    We watched as they set it down and hit a button on some kind of remote control. The machine started making a ticking noise as the 10 second timer started counting down.
    "See people! That machine is going to kill us! Get out of here now!"
    The people's faces got worried.
    Everyone watched in unison as the timer stopped. The complex machine released the gas. At first, nothing changed. But it wasn't long before the people around us started gasping for air. I thought it was just a toxic gas, but I would soon find out that it was so much more.
    "Come on, we have to go!" He looked at me with scared eyes.
    I just continued to stare at him, completely oblivious to this whole situation.
    He grabbed me by the arm and started running.
    "Where are we going?" I had to yell to be loud enough for him to hear me with all the screaming and choking all around us. "We have no where to go." His steps faltered for a fraction of a second, but he quickly recovered.
    "I don't know yet. We will find out."
    "This is our home. If we wait it out then the gas will slowly go away." This time he completely stopped, so that he could look at me.
    "That wasn't just any gas, Lana. It was a gas that changes the entire structure of air. It turns it into poison. All the oxygen in the world will soon be deadly, and we will all perish over time. So we must go now. Get as far away from here so we can live more days."
    My whole body froze. So many thoughts were running through my head. How was this possible? Why us? Can it be stopped?
    Once again he took off running, his grip on my arm tightened as he pulled me behind him.
    "So where are we going?"
    "I already told you I don't know yet!" His voice was filled with anger. Anger at me, anger at himself, and anger at the world.


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  • poems_of_souls

    I'm working on the second chapter right now! I'm glad you liked it! :)

    3 months ago
  • Emi (Revival Year #NEWYEAR)

    Wow! This is so epic! The title is amazing, too. Please write more; this is so full of action and tension!

    3 months ago