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Name: Amanda
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Books: Hunger Games/Shatter Me series
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"Feel free to feel."

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A Silver Lining

October 31, 2020


    Beneath every broken crack of the cement and every misjudged crevice in the wood lies a thin coated, fragile,

silver lining.

    Sometimes I forget that, being in the darkest depths of the hollowed out word that I live in. Within the layers of fragmented grays and porcelain ash, there is in fact a

silver lining.

    It knocks me out of breath, each time the word turns my perception upside down as if I am just a doll being played with by a child. These realizations, they almost encourage the urge to cry, but I shatter the glass tear, instead of giving into its controlling

Would the world slow its spin if my blood was golden?

Not a single word from my greedy, self-destructing, invader that calls itself chemicals sway my judgment on the reality that used to feel so fresh up against my skin. 

    I will find that new shade of silver, eventually, I know it's out there in the world of bland hues and porcelain emotions.

    Stowed away beyond concrete walls and molded bricks and charred wood, hiding in the corners of abandonment, in the caverns of solitude, and in the glazed over shrapnel eyes of monsters. 
I have to tell myself these ideas, these concepts, these truths and I must believe my own words when I say,

    I will find my silver lining.
Hey WTW! What's up? I have a few exiting announcements...

First of all, you may have noticed my account name changed from AmandaWriteDysfantasi to AmandaWritesASilverLining and trust me, there is a reason! I have taken part in anemoia and lattes (#dreams of autumn) challenge to change your name based upon what you are feeling or what you are involved in this month. (Link to her post: Please read her poem, it is beautiful! Of course being me, I put a spin on the challenge and decided to keep the same first part of my account so there would be less confusion, but changed the second part to A Silver Lining. It would be great if we could get more people to participate in this challenge also, please check out her page (she's an amazing writer) AmandaWritesDysfantasci will most likely stay my name for the month of October, but we will see and if another name doesn't stick out to me, it may come back later on, but for now it's AmandaWritesASilverLining.... segway this into my second announcment...


Okay, so for those of you that do not know what NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is, I would suggest looking it up, but for a short definition, it is a month where you challenge youself to write a 50k or more word novel (a first draft obviously)! This is not my first time writing a novel, but this is my first time doing NaNo, so I am a little nervous, but very exited! This also means I will be needing to write 1000 to 2000 words a day for the book, so that should be fun! Anyway, I am not yet ready to reveal the title of my book, but it does have to do with silver (hence why I changed my name to a silver lining). This piece is not a cannon part of the book, however I did take inspiration from the book idea and decided to play around with some stuff, so yeah. I hope you all enjoy this piece! If you want to check out my prologue for my main Novel, Lurid, it is also posted. I need as much feedback as I can get for that! Hope everyone has a great day/night-

Amanda :)


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  • Anlee

    oooo so so cool! beautiful poem and stunning new username~ good luck with your novel <33

    6 months ago
  • anemoia (#words)

    AHH I love how you tied your username and your nanowrimo novel to this piece! thanks for mentioning me!

    6 months ago