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The job of a writer is to challenge, to inspire and to spark hope. It is with one breath to affirm the reader and to place them in the uncomfortable position of having to face reality. We write to create, not to destroy. To offer wisdom, in whatever form that may take. But do we really write our stories, or do our stories write us?

October 31st

October 31, 2020


It's hard to be a creative.  A writer, painter, poet, singer, actor, musician, artist, any of them.  It's hard to be a creative.

Because when you create, you take a piece of your soul and you lay it bare for all to see.  When you create, you open up a part of yourself to the public and you invite the world to criticise it.  When you create go to your most vulnerable place and offer yourself up to the world in the hope that what you share might help them, comfort them, or challenge them somehow.  When you create, you give people an escape, inviting them out of their life and enter yours.

So it's hard to be a creative.  Because there is no art without truth.  And truth can be really really painful.

It's hard to be a creative.  And I admire you all.


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