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Sophie's Surprise(Continued)

October 31, 2020


When they arrived back at Havenfield, Sophie almost couldn't believe what she was seeing.
    Under Calla's tree, where everything was supposed to be all set up for when Sophie brought Fitz there, was a disaster beyond Sophie's wildest nightmares.
    "Whoa. What happened here?" Fitz asked, looking around at the mess. everything Sophie had worked so hard to construct, balloons(that Dex had to specially craft because, apparently, elves don't have balloons) stringed lights, even the pinata that Sophie drew a rough sketch of Gethen's face on was all dismantled and strewn about. but what shocked her the most was how each of her friends looked.
    Dex was snoring lightly on top of the DJ table he had set up, Biana was lying against Calla's tree, fanning herself vigorously, her face covered in brown smudges of something sticky, Tam, Lihn and Wylie were all lying in the grass, breathing hard and Keefe was dangling from up in the tree, snoozing away.
    But they immediately jumped up when they heard Fitz's voice.(Except for Keefe, he fell.)
    "Um, guys? what happened?" Sophie demanded.
    "Oh, no. Sophie we're so sorry. We didn't mean for this to happen." Biana exclaimed, brushing off her pale purple gown.
    "what exactly did happen?"
    "Foster, before you get all stressed out on me, and don't try to tell me you're not, 'cause I can feel it from here," Keefe said, fanning the air in front of his face.  "Just take a moment to calm down."
    "Ugh, Keefe just tell me what happened already."
    "Okay, but I'm warning you, it is not a pretty story and I'm kinda scared you're going to pummel me when I tell you. so maybe engaging in a Fitzphy hug-fest would help-"
    "there's no such thing as a Fitzphy hug-fest, Keefe. Just tell me." Sophie said, glancing over at Fitz. he looked confused and Sophie felt awful for making is birthday ten times worse than just staying at home would have been.
    "Well, Foster. It all started right after you left when Dex decided to test out his DJ Doodle kabob thingy again, and when he got it started, Biana got up and began dancing along. then I tried to stop her, since we were supposed to be hiding. but I tripped on her dress and, quite gracefully, fell flat on my face. then Tam came to help me up, and I was like 'I don't need your help, Bangs boy' that's when Wylie interfered, and told me that Bangs boy was 'only trying to help' next thing ya know, everyone is hooting and hollering. Even Lihn was up there, doing what she normally does, defending Wylie,"
    Lihn shrunk behind Tam who glared furiously.
    "Hey, you got a problem with Lihn?" Wylie asked.
    Keefe smirked. "Of course not, Protector of the fair maiden. Now, where was I? Oh, yes. so then Dex got up on his little table and used some other gadget thing to shout at all of us-"
    "It was a voice amplifier." Dex corrected.
    "Exactly. so then we all quieted down, until I saw that the string holding the pinata up on the branch was getting loose. So I went over to retie it, and then Biana said that I was doing it wrong,"
    Biana huffed. "He was tying it into a knot and I thought that a bow would look much nicer."
    "Yeah. Well, while she was trying to fix it, the string snapped and, you'll never believe it, THE WHOLE PINATA SMASHED OPEN ON HER FACE!" He exclaimed, rolling on the ground in a fit of laughter.
    Sophie sighed. "So everything's ruined?"
   "Not everything," Keefe said, climbing up to retrieve something from in Calla's tree. when he jumped back down he held in his hands, the double-layered birthday cake she had made for Fitz. Sophie gasped when she looked at the top of it, a very realistic drawing of Fitz's face had been carefully frosted into the cake. And across it, in big, teal letters it said 'Happy Birthday Wonder Boy!'
    "Oh, I knew I shouldn't have let you frost it!"
    "Hey, in case you didn't know, I spent half the time you were gone trying to keep this beautiful cake from going total splat. that's why it was in the tree. Turns out, Wylie's got a sweet tooth,"
    "I do not!" Wylie insisted.
    "Um, is that for me...? Wait, did you guys do all this for my birthday?" Fitz asked, looking at Sophie.
    "It was Sophie's idea, but we all pitched in." Dex said.
    "It was supposed to be a surprise, but I guess it's ruined now." Sophie said, looking down at her feet.
    "It's not all ruined," Keefe said. "Here, Wonder Boy. Have a slice." Keefe began walking to Fitz with the cake, but on his way there, he tripped and the cake went flying into the air.
    Sophie shrieked as it flipped in mid-flight and landed on Fitz's head.
    Fitz froze.
    Everyone froze.
    "Well, that was unfortunate," Keefe said, breaking the awkward silence
    "Oh, Fitz! I'm so sorry-" Sophie started.
    Fitz held up his cake covered hands. "Don't, Sophie. It's fine. I'm just gonna... go take a shower." Fitz turned and quickly created a beam of light with his home crystal. But before he left, he gave Sophie a flutter-worthy smile and leaped away.
    It was just one smile, but it meant a lot to Sophie.
    "This is going to sound controversial, but I think that went well." Keefe told her, brushing a speck of frosting off his arm.
    "U huh, And you are going to help me clean all this up." Sophie said. And she made a mental note never to throw a surprise party for anyone ever again.
YAY!!! part 2 is finished! Let me know if you have any questions :)


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  • Deleted User

    THIS IS AMAZING! KOTLC is the best, and you did a really good job at capturing each characters nature!!(Except for one thing: Lihn is actually spelt Linh.)My fav line is, "Turns out, Wylie's got a sweet tooth." "I do not!".
    So so good. *sighs in content relief*

    6 months ago
  • ~madeline~

    This is great!!! You should make a series :)

    6 months ago
  • FantasyOtter12

    HAHA WINH FOREVER this is soo good XD great job on this :)

    6 months ago
  • anemoia (#words)

    ahhhh still loving it! oh, keefe. you definitely captured all the keefe-ness. and i like the linh/wylie! oh, dex is such a precious, brilliant technopath. dex needs more tlc. nice writing, enjoyable piece.

    6 months ago