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i wrote a letter today.

November 4, 2020


i wrote a letter today.

i was supposed to write it 
and the day before that
​but i wrote it today. 

i turned around at night
crafting my thoughts 
and checking my words
but i didn't write any. 

i wrote a letter today.

i picked my favourite pen
and new paper that was terrible
and i carefully tucked it in
but i skipped the address.

i feel sorry for my friends
a letter with scribbled out love
and my graduation photo
but i tried really hard.

i tried today. 
every day it feels harder for me to express how much some people actually mean to me. i wish i could tell them i love them without feeling fake. | 31st oct at 2.47am 


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  • sci-Fi [kinda-sorta-maybe hiatus]

    "i wish i could tell them i love them without feeling fake."
    I feel that. Some things are just too big to be outwardly said. But this portrayed your emotions beautifully.

    3 months ago
  • Rose A. (semi hiatus)

    Wow, wow, wow! This is beautiful! I understand it can be really hard to express your feelings, especially to those you love.

    3 months ago
  • mirkat

    wow. this is beautiful and i understand what you mean. some things are too great to be expressed in words. <3

    3 months ago
  • abby.a

    i understand this feeling all too well. you did an amazing job expressing your emotions using vocabulary and flow... beautiful <33

    3 months ago