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i enjoy studying languages, paintings (specifically from the academic & romantic movements), the classics, & architecture! dark academia is my fave aesthetic, as you can tell <3

est. oct 30th, 2020.

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thanks for taking the time to get to know me, i'm happy to be here!!


November 1, 2020

PROMPT: Dust Jacket


what is your favorite genre to write? 

i'm most experienced in writing contemporary & literary fiction, but i adore writing fantasy & sci-fi! coming up with entire worlds, entire universes is just so fun. it's a challenge to write, that's for sure, but it's a challenge i gladly accept!

what is your favorite genre to read? 

all genres listed above; my reading interests coincide with my writing interests, for the most part!
also, you know when everyone in your elar class is complaining about how the assigned reading is so boring & long, but there's always that one kid that's like "this is?? so good??" yeah... that one kid is me. in addition, i love stories involving mythology, such as the series that take place in the riordanverse—hence the username, haha

what draws you to the wtw community?

i love that it serves as a place for talented & passionate young writers to come together. everyone here shares a love for writing, but i really like that everyone's in the same age range as me & mostly share the same experiences.

what do you find most challenging about writing?

the profound sense of incompletion, even after finishing a piece. was the sentence here really necessary? were the words i chose good enough? what could i have done better? i've never completed a work that i thought was 100% perfect, & it's hard to ignore that nagging feeling.

most exhilarating?

those moments when the words are flowing perfectly & the sentences are flowing out of the tips of your fingers & everything's coming together in a satisfying package & just like that, hundreds of words have been put down in the span of minutes. they're few & far between, but it's the most satisfying thing in the world to me :)

what is one goal that you have for yourself while here?

to improve myself as a writer, listening to both positive & constructive feedback & using it to hone my craft.


were you named after someone?

no, actually! my mom wanted a name that would sound good & be pronounced the same in both chinese (her native language) & polish (my dad's native language.) 

have you always been called a nickname?

not really, haha. 

do you know anyone with the same name?

oh, definitely, tons! i'm actually part of a discord server where everyone in it is named anna :)

does your name have historical significance?

there's a lot of historical significant people named anna—mary's mother, for one—and the name has been around for a while, during the times of the greeks & romans (& possibly earlier.)

do you have any funny facts or stories about your name?

i live in texas, where the most common pronunciation of anna is aen-uh. i pronounce my name as ah-nah, so there have been many, many times where a teacher referred to me as aen-uh & half the class yelled out "IT'S AH-NAH!". i usually don't bother to correct people myself, but it's nice that my friends make sure to get it right lol


three communities to which you belong:
  1. the mixed-race community; my mom is chinese singaporean & my dad is polish!
  2. the (roman) catholic community; i don't agree with the views of some of my peers (i'm politically left-leaning, so...) but i'm proud of my faith.
  3. the writing community; i love y'all <3
three places you learn well:
  1. the library; i find a lot of comfort in being surrounded by books.
  2. my room; peace & quiet ><
  3. the school hallways; better than the classroom, & a great place to collect my thoughts.
three adjectives your peers would use to describe you:
  1. smart
  2. nice
  3. funny
(being honest, smart would probably be the only one... to my classmates, it seems like that's my only personality trait, getting good grades...)

three adjectives you would use:
  1. witty (smart + funny combined into one lol)
  2. compassionate (i really hope i come across as caring to others, that's all i want)
  3. charming (*throws flower petals*)

three beliefs you hold:
  1. everyone deserves basic human decency & compassion. this is my primary belief; we need to love our neighbors, & not look down on others on the basis of race, gender, sexuality, etc. 
  2. it is vitally important for us to preserve & protect our environment. humans are a part of nature, not separate, & people need to understand that climate change is a real thing & our planet is suffering as a result of our greed.
  3. you shouldn't rely on the approval of others for validation. it's so, so much better to do things for yourself & your own happiness. you'll get a lot more out of life if you don't conform to the perceptions of others &, truly, just be your whole self.
three sources of comfort:
  1. my family; they're there for me in everything that i do.
  2. art, in all forms; whether it be looking at beautiful paintings or listening to music.
  3. being home; in a place that i'm familiar with.
three instincts that serve you well:
  1. my instinct with people—whenever i get bad vibes from someone, they usually turn out to be true in one way or another.
  2. my instinct with language—i've always been intuitive in word choice & grammar, & it's really helpful in writing essays especially.
  3. my déjà rêvé—i always see things before they happen in dreams... never to any practical effect, but i just think it's neat.
three responsibilities you shoulder:
  1. toward myself: to learn from every mistake & do my best not to repeat them.
  2. toward loved ones: to be patient and forgiving with them.
  3. toward society: to leave the world better than i found it.
three things of which you are proud:
  1. my openmindedness, which allows me to expand my viewpoint by welcoming opposing perspectives.
  2. my intelligence, which enables me to learn & be creative while simultaneously allowing me to know my limitations.
  3. my steadfastness, which keeps me grounded in times of hardship.
three qualities that make your life singular and/or unusual:
  1. my multicultural/multinational background; not a lot of people can say they have relatives in three different continents!
  2. my personality; ksjdf i can't explain it exactly, but as said in the cinematic masterpiece shrek: "onions have layers", & so do i HAHA
  3. my love for literature; i just... i really, really love books. my dream is to own my own bookstore when i grow older, & of course i'm an aspiring author. i love the beautiful, wondrous, fantastical art of storytelling.
hi! this is just a lil introduction to me, as i'm new to this site ^^ from what i see of the community, everyone's very kind & supportive! i'm happy to be here, & i hope i can make some new friends as we go along our writing journeys <3

edit 11/1/20: republishing this with a couple edits :")


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  • don't you see the starlight (#TS)

    okay first of all, WELCOME! your username and your cabin... yes! me too! (although i also think i could be a daughter of the muse calliope.) i just love this piece. so many good things, passions, and ideas, i can't comment on everything. dam jokes for LIFE!
    i LOVE books too, obv, but more than that, WORDS. logophile to the core.
    i'm also an aesthetics junkie, and discovering the aesthetics fandom website
    was a glorious day.
    i love the exhilarating feeling response. and i LOVE all forms of things that are created and creative. i saw your convo w/mirkat, who i just adore, and you also like vintage/historical stuff?
    also... RIORDANVERSE! my 2nd/3rd fave fandom of all time, which is actually a very high position on my book list. ok, i'm done... can't wait to see what you do, and welcome!

    11 months ago
  • ~madeline~

    This is great!!!! I loved hearing about the different things you are interested in. Also, your username... I'm thinking your referencing PJO... is that correct? I'm actually currently re-reading the series for the first time in like 3 or 4 years. I'm kinda loving the nostalgia since it was one of my early favorites :)

    11 months ago
  • Brielle P. Chor

    Ayyy, welcome to the community. I'm Singaporean-Chinese too haha, and I can totally relate to the good grades part, especially when every single person just looks at your work and only ever says how smart you are, and not how much hard work you put into it. Also a roman catholic here, but I'm not really devoted (and thankfully, I've managed to avoid most of the shade haha). Still, hope you enjoy your time here:))

    P.S. Love the charming touch *throws more flower petals*

    11 months ago
  • mirkat

    re: ahhh, Percy Jackson :D it's been a while since i read those books but i loved them! (most recent Riordan book i read was the trials of apollo series). haha, makes sense, love your username! and 80s music! yeah, depeche mode is great! i like personal jesus and enjoy the silence by them. other than that i guess journey is ok and i like the beatles (they arent 80s but whatever). i'm enjoying listening to walk like an Egyptian by the bangles b/c so catchy. also edge of 17 by stevie nicks is great.
    and littleee womennn! ok, ima rant for a sec.... ghgoosjskp so amazing i love it and soarsie is amazing and I'm in love with great gerwig and it makes me cry and laugh and and i love love love every single thing about that movieeeeee! ok i'm done. hehe! i even wrote a piece called dear greta which is a letter to her and yeah.....
    that is so cool you know so many languages!!!!!
    wwleellppp..... sorry for how long this is. :D have a great rest of your day! <3<3<3

    11 months ago
  • dead account

    i saw the shrek quote and i just couldn't help it lmao

    11 months ago
  • dead account

    the best character in shrek is lord farquaad, hands down; he's a queer icon.
    welcome to wtw

    11 months ago
  • Huba Huba

    welcome to WtW! I hope you're enjoying it here :)

    11 months ago
  • mirkat

    somehow my comment got lost... i commented on another version of this but lovely writing as always!
    also if you want to know how to republish something w/o losing comments/likes go to manage versions at the top and pick options. then click unpublish. finally click options again and pick publish for peer review.
    hope this helps! lots of love! <3

    11 months ago
  • Rachaelgrace

    Welcome to wtw!!! You seem awesome and I’m so glad your here

    11 months ago