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October 30, 2020


To the girl I never knew, 
I miss you. 

How do I begin a poem like that? Pencil hovers pensively over unconquered page, griped by unsure fingers. My back hurts. To do something I take a sip of my coffee and glance around the cafe. People watching. Person watching more like. She's smiling. 

I missed those eyes I never held, 
then and now. Even for a second. 
I never held up up like the treasure
I'm sure you are. 

To the girl I never knew, I think, and laugh at myself for almost toasting you as you pull books off the shelf in this library of a cafe. Pale grey eyes flick around the room, and my heart jumps when they pass over me. She smiles at something. But I'm just another background laptop fool, hogging the internet and coffee away from home like so many others. 

To the girl I never knew, 
who's hand doesn't need holding, rather
someone needs to hold it. 
I know you'd be enough,
to keep mine from shaking. 

It's just communication darling, 
so say you'll listen, 
girl I'll never know. 

I hope she doesn't go, I thought as she paid. She didn't and carried the new book into the cafe and sat down. Soon a server brought her tea, and she was gone away. Smiling now and then. Flipping pages.

I left. 

To the girl I never knew, 
I wish your smiles were more rare
so I could treasure them more, but:
who am I kidding? 
That would have been

To the girl I never knew,
I think I loved you. 
The line about a "hand that someone needs to hold" was inspired by the poem "You Are" by R.H Sin, from "Whiskey Words and a Shovel I" 

Set in a coffee shop in my hometown, which is a bookshop/record store called "Packrat Annie's" combined with "The Vienna Cafe". Most of my money goes to this place for food, coffee, books and music. The essentials. 


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  • mirkat

    awww, this is so sweet and sorrowful and beautiful and i love this so much! like emi said, i feel regret while reading this. i feel beauty. ahhhh, love this! and the footnote lol! yes, the essentials! hehe i would love to sit down there and order some coffee and read :D anyway wonderful piece! <3
    re: thanks of you so of much for your kind comments!!! (also i love the word subline now <3) i wish you luck at your meeting and that you passed your driver's test (idk, do they have that in Canada? that was a stupid question....)? <3<3<3

    6 months ago
  • Emi

    This is so beautiful. I love the almost regretful feel in this piece, and how you describe the setting so nicely.

    6 months ago
  • anemoia (#words)

    wow. i want the atmosphere and aching warmth in this. what emotions you've put into this.

    6 months ago
  • A blind (young) man

    Ah! Grammar error! It should be "Never held you up" not never held up up. Damn. Apologies.

    6 months ago