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Ice cream on k. Street

October 30, 2020

PROMPT: Heart Places

Since I was born,and until I was 8, I had moved four times, across two different countries. Every time we got somewhere new, I tried not to get attached. But every time, it was just as hard to leave. 
This may have been why, back than, my grandmother’s house on k. Street felt more like my home than any other place. It was the only place that hadn’t changed, no matter where my family went. 
My grandmother is the most caring person I know, and back than she provided me with a safe haven like no other. I would talk to her about school, friends, and sometimes even about my odd little facts, and she never judged me. She never made me feel strange. In her eyes, I was great, just as I was. At that time, it seemed she was the only person who felt this way.
My grandmother lived near a mall, and by 5 years old I already memorized every part of that place by heart. We would walk around there, weather there was a crowd or not, and enjoy ourselves, even if we were just grocery shopping in the supermarket. In that mall, there was an ice cream place. It never changed, not for 14 years. All of this time, the same person worked there, serving the same ice cream, and making the same delicious frozen yogurt with the exact same technique. It was always the highlight of our day, that ice cream place. Even when another mall was built, and the customers became less and less appreciative of the simple mint wallpaper, and the chipped stone floors. 
recently, before the coronavirus, the shop was closed, and a part of my childhood closed up with it. It could no longer be the highlight of my day. My life became busy, complicated, full of struggles I couldn’t bring myself to share. But I will never forget that shop on k. Street. And in times like this, at least in my memory, it will always be my happy place.


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  • Ronny Flatau

    I am from Israel, and that’s lovely to hear! Thank you

    5 months ago
  • mirkat

    this is so sweeet! also you live in israel? that is so cooool! I've been there last summer so that was awesome but that was all just touristy stuff like the wall and the golan and telaviv, etc. weeeelll nice to meet you! <3

    6 months ago