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"Tell me a story"

October 30, 2020


"Tell me a story!"
She cries in the night,
And squeals with excitement
"Please one more time!".

Her eyes are so blue,
Words flow through them
 She lays so excited,
Her legs are still swinging.

"Tell me a story"
She calmly states.
The spark is still there,
Yet dimmer with years.

She looks out the window,
Half lost in the story.
She feels the cold breeze
Run through her body. 

"Tell me a story?"
Her face soaked with pain.
She's trying to listen 
Yet thoughts roam her head.

She struggles to breathe
And listen to stories,
When her fairy tale
Is losing its glory.

"Tell you a story?"
I hear her now say.
She smiles so softly
With each passing day.

She's speaking the words,
She once loved so much.
Passing the tales
Futher down the line. 
Just a quick poem I wrote one Friday evening :)


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