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The Other Son: Chapter 14

October 30, 2020


~Andreus's Point of View~

Where to start, where to start. After I got massacred by that whirlpool-demogorgon thing at the aquarium, I knew I wanted nothing to do with my godliness, or whatever. If I was meant to be killed, what was the fucking point? 
V had enough of me, I guess, and served me divorce papers the day after i got home. The only thing she told me was that she'd had enough of my antics. I couldn't really deny it. I signed them, and she kicked me out the month after. I got myself a nice little studio in the city, and..a cat.
Okay, yeah, I know everyone gives cats shit for being the most anti-social animals ever, but me and Conch get along alright. I give him food, he sits in my lap. It was a nice comfort..until the nightmares came. 
I always had this one where, for some reason, Ana, Percy and me were fighting off this..merman thing. He had two tails. He was pretty angry about something, talking about how we bastard children had ruined his mother's life. With one foul move, he had Ana kabobed on his three-pronged weapon. 
I always woke up screaming, night after night, in a cold sweat, tears in my eyes. My baby had died, right before my eyes. 
That was enough to get me back to camp. I just..walked out onto the sidewalk in front of my house, and the words came to me almost instantly. "Stêthi, Ô hárma diabolês!"

The taxi, if you could even call it that, materialized in front of me, and the door swung open. 
"Drachma?" A hag - I mean, a Gray Sister, held out her veiny, grey, gnarled hand. She had stringy hair that covered where her eye should have been. I had no idea what a drachma was, so I handed her a quarter. Another, taller hag whirled around in her understuffed seat and turned to..look at me. Damn, I chose the one with the eye. Just my luck. 
"You dare pay us with mortal currency?!" She shrieked. She threw the coin at me, and I ducked just in time as it richocheted off the back window and clattered to the carpet. 
"Look, miss. I'm in a bit of a hurry here. I can pay you triple once I get to my stop, just..please." I'm not the best persuader, by any means, but this hag seemed to recognize me. "Son of Poseidon?"

"You bet your wrinkly ass I am."
"Drive!" She barked at the shortest sister, and off we went. It was..something. Let's say I'm not the best at..not getting motion sick. Still, I arrived at the camp at top speeds, and when I got out, the shortest sister held out her hand for payment. 
"Allow me," Chiron clopped up next to me and handed the sister four golden coins. I watched in disgust as she shoved a tooth into her mouth - a single tooth, and bit down on one of them. With a furtive nod to her sisters, the taxi disappeared.

"Dad?" I whipped around, and there was my daughter..on the shoulders of a..cyclops. Percy as beside them, eyes wide as he stared at me. "Andreus?" 
"Brother?" The cyclops looked at me with his giant brown eye and a smile made its way on his face. Percy nods. "Yeah, bud. That's Andreus. Our big brother."
"What?" I was absolutely incredulous. That thing was probably thousands of years older than me, but had the brain of a toddler. 
"I'mma call you Andy!" He scooped me up in his giant arms and gave me a hug so hard, I thought I was gonna suffocate. 
"Do you like that?"
"Yeah, yeah..sure..bud," I coughed and stumbled back when he finally let me go. Ana waved at me from her perch on his shoulder.  
Remember what I said about embracing the weird? Yeah, I wasn't quite ready for that. Chiron set a hand on my shoulder and steadied me. "I don't want to have to break up this family reunion, but may I speak to you in private?" I nodded, and we walked to the Big House without a word. 
"I just got hugged by a fucking cyclops." I told him matter-of-factly.
He nodded. "I saw." He gestured to the chair in front of his desk. "Surely, you've been having visions of Ana's upcoming quest."
I sat down. My leg still sort of sore, it especially hits when I cross it over the other. I don't question how he knew, I just accepted it. "Yeah..we..were somewhere cold, and she got..shishkabobed on some sort of..three pronged weapon." 
His eyes widened. and his tail flicked back and forth. "..Triton," He whispered. He clip-clopped for the door and went running for Percy, whose eyes widened. He went racing over to the row of cabins and started banging on the doors. 
A bunch of kids came running out of their cabins and into Percy's. Ana went scrambling after them.

A girl the size of a pro-wrestler grabbed me from the deck and dragged me to what I assumed was the Poseidon cabin. I didn't protest. She plopped me right by Ana, whose expression was etched with worry. Annabeth was busy passing out knapsacks, and tossed one to me. 
"Hold up, hold up," I passed it back to her. "Why do we need these for?"
"We're headed to Alaska, Sand-For-Brains. We leave tonight." 

Of course. Just my luck.



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  • anemoia by a thread

    ooooooh but i'm so sad they got divorced! well at least he got a cat. wow, that sounds pathetic when i type it out. go andreus!

    7 months ago