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Tired and angsty teen who expresses herself through her words.
A hopeless romantic.
Someone who cherishes the stars.
70's and 80's rock are my true calling.
Ask me what I'm thinking and I will tell you everything.

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Yes, I wrote another poem about Harry Styles. Tell me what you think! TPWK

An Ode to the Golden Boy

October 30, 2020


I see pictures of you every day,
and I smile at my screen.
Been thinking about you lately,
even if you don't think of me.

No, you don't know my name,
but that's alright with me,
because you take my pain away, 
and fill my life with glee. 

No, you've never seen my face,
you don't know that I exist.
But you taught me how to love,
and to treat people with kindness.

You are a light that shines so bright, 
and it's not ever going out.
You make me smile when I'm down,
and laugh when I'm upset.

There are many who are just like me,
you've touched all our hearts.
I hope that you know your music,
is what led us out of the dark.


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