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My Body is a Temple

October 29, 2020



My body is a temple, but I do not always worship in it. 
Sometimes, it's good to just sit in that chapel on a rickety pew.
Revel in the chanting church choir made from members of pounding heartbeats
singing along to the creaking of ancient bone-walls that yawn open-wide
with every breath. A sign of unexpected alleviation that stirs dust in the room;
an abrupt alluvion of amity and patients for myself. Or,
resting in the silence when the choir skips a beat, and I wait in bated breath;
I think it's here that wisdom reverberates the loudest; in deafening silence.
Wisdom cannot be learned by accident; it must be sought for in stillness
by my spirit, alone.

My body is a temple. but I do not always worship in it. 
Sometimes, there's a sacred service of me simply being,
breathing, and studying memories - stained-glass windows; the windows to my soul.
Full of harmonious and contradicting colors.
Some scenes are darker than others, but they are windows;
they can't help but let light in, so for them I am grateful,
though I can't help but apologize for often shying away from the darker corners;
they are more difficult to be proud of. Perhaps, now I will try to love them better;
gently brush my fingertips over their colors and plaques, and be sure
to wipe away any fingerprints left resting atop their bitter faces. 

My body is a temple, but I do not always worship in it.
Sometimes, it is just a quiet place to learn to treat myself 
with love, patience, faith, and forgiveness. Otherwise,
worshiping is like trying to drink from a dry cup; it quenches nothing
and my temple remains empty. So, I will fill my cup with good things,
and intentionally slosh some water over the edges; 
why should I not want to share what I have with others?
And then, in my body, in my temple,
I will worship dangerously.
I don't know how I feel about this. I think the last stanza needs some work, and the first and second could use some more details. However, I am pretty happy with this... for now :)


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