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I Need Your Smile

By: Jj101


I need your smile, 

Your light, 

Your happiness, 

And curiosity, 

With me,

I need your spark, 

Your fire,

Your flower, 

You are my world,

If I were to lose you,

I'd lose everything,

I'd lose meaning,

My heart and soul, 

You're drifting away,

But I know you will never stop


You're so far away,

And I'm longing,

I need your smile,

I need your spark, 

And I 


This was written for a few different people. Enjoy! 

Peer Review

The whole thing is amazing. It's short and simple but tells everything.

I don't think anything needs changing or added. Maybe a little bit more about why the person means so much.

Reviewer Comments

I can relate to this so so much. It's amazing. Keep writing!