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The Other Son: Chapter 13

October 29, 2020


~Ana's Point of View~

I woke up in the sickroom with that scrawny Athena kid that I sparred with on my first day at camp by my bedside. 
"You're the kid that..uses..those pronouns.." I slurred. I don't know why that was the first thing that came to my head, but it was. 
"They and them." They pushed their glasses up their nose and..grinned at me. "Name's Quinn." They ran a hand through their short blonde locks and handed me the cup. "I heard you talking to Percy as you walked in. You really got slammed in the head, huh?"
I squinted, as if that would help me try and remember anything. But nothing surface. "I guess so." I take a sip and my mouth is instantly flooded with the caramely taste of my mom's flan. I suck it down in five seconds and am internally livid when its all gone. 
"Ambrosia's some strong stuff; I get how you feel." Quinn had me figured out. They adjusted their wire-rims and set the cup on my bedside table. I felt my cheeks turn red. "Oh, really?" 
"Yeah. I had it once and it tasted like popcorn, you know, all buttery and salty." They look off wistfully and I couldn't help but laugh.  "That sounds like a dream."
Quinn's eyes widened, and they reached up to scratch the back of their head. "I-It was. W-well..maybe I should..let you..get some rest." They sauntered for the door and gave me a little wave goodbye. "And..if I don't see you around. Good..luck on your quest."

The door closed and I laid back in bed. I thought about their dorky grin for the whole rest of the day. 


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  • anemoia (#words)

    dreaming about quinn and clarisse? way to add some tension... also, is this the same summer as the end of tower of nero, or not summer, or the next summer? i might have missed that part. cannot wait for the quest! and who's she gonna take w/her? and all the juicy backstory!

    6 months ago